Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some New Finds

Hello everyone. Since my last post, I've been back to a busy school year. I'm teaching dance and phys ed to kindergarteners this year along with some Primary students. It's a totally exhausting day! I'm determined to get back into thrifting mode both for myself and the booth. Marty is A-OK. Thanks for the kind words.
 Here is a crusty old brass blowtorch I got at auction this past summer for $7.50 + tax. I couldn't believe that nobody else wanted it.
 I tried out Bar Keepers Friend Spray and Foam Cleaner and although the blowtorch is still marked up with age, I was able to get some of the rust and grime off it.
 Yesterday, I went to one of those Mom-to-Mom sales in Dundas. Last year, there was a couple selling vintage goods and I got some cool pieces from them at a very good price. This year they were back and for $12, I got this charming Ohio Art Co. tin watering can and the corn cob pipe below.
 I've never actually seen a corn cob pipe before. I only know it from the song "Frosty the Snowman." That's it for now. Have a swell week.


  1. I have heard that Bar Keepers friend is a great cleaner, I have never tried it. It did a fantastic job with your item, what else would it work well to clean? Haha...the corn cob pipe! Love it!


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