Sunday, November 20, 2011

Now I'm Back!

Sorry for the extended absence. I've been missing my thrifty vintage blogging life, but work has been far more overwhelming for some reason this year than in the past. I'm also tutoring three days a week after school, which is leaving me with less leisure time. Nevertheless, I plan to continue scouring Southern Ontario for treasures to share.
While visiting my folks in St. Catharines yesterday, I nipped into Goodwill, where I found this "old timey" salt/pepper/mustard set. It was in such good condition that I was left wondering if it was a reproduction. I'm still happy with it even if it is. The set cost $6.00.
I also bought a bag 'o random Christmas ornaments for $3.00.
These are what caught my eye. Plastic Made in Hong Kong choir boys singing outside a church. I loved that they were still in the packaging and had the Kmart price stickers on them.
There were two loose ones in the bag too. I love the cack-handed paint job on the mouths.
I also got these shiny tassel things.

I promise to be back much sooner next time.
Love Erin

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