Sunday, July 20, 2014

Salt 'N Peppa's Here

Every now and then, you hit the jackpot with a garage sale that sells the kind of things you're looking for and the prices are cheap. That was the sale I went to yesterday. 
 For $1, I got these three salt and pepper shakers (sixties 'made in Japan'), the atomic age egg cups, the funky seventies flour sifter, and the 1937 King Edward Coronation glass. Woo-hoo! Start the car!!!!

 I bought this Kathie Winkle tea pot at the Aberfoyle Antique Market last week for $15. I just had to have it. I've never seen any of her tea pots before. Sometimes I wonder if she's still alive.

 Through Kijiji, I bought this vintage sixties Kodak Brownie Light Holder. The 8 mm movie camera would screw to the top of it and two flood lights would screw into the front to illuminate the subject of your movie. I'm now on the hunt for the movie camera that goes on top. It looks so cool when you see it put together.
 I miss Kodak!

For $20, I also bought this amazing Junior View-Master bakelite projector that is operated through light. I just think it looks so stunning. It's hard to believe that goods used to be made to serve a function, but also be so stylish. Unless you pay for designed items, it's hard to find that nowadays.

RIP James Garner

I just heard that James Garner has died. I have so many memories of being a kid in the seventies and having The Rockford Files on. My mother especially liked James Garner - wink wink. They don't make 'em like James Garner these days.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kijij & Auction Treasures

 Barely a week goes by that I don't buy something from Kijiji (a Canadian online Classified company similar to Craig's List). Lately, I've been buying items for our booth, but when I saw this beautiful Niagara Falls motion lamp from the 1920s, I just had to have it for myself. It looks beautiful lit up at night, but it's so old that I don't want to leave it on too long in case it melts.

 I bought this nifty C-I-L oil colour tube display box at a country auction in Dundas yesterday. I paid $30 for it, which may seem like madness, but I love commercial art and I'm sure I'll use it. Check out the handy storage at the back.

I also bought a very cool vintage floor lamp at the auction, which I haven't taken a picture of, plus this Bakelite phone, which looks very old. It will be sold eventually, but I can enjoy it for now.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oops - Happy Canada Day!

My last post was ranty and we're so much more than a nation of masochists. This is what we're all about...

Happy Birthday Mama. You don't look a day over 147!

Goodwill Vs. Value Village

I used to like shopping at Goodwill better than Value Village.  My folks have a Goodwill near them where in the past, I've found countless pieces of primo vintage goods for a fair price. The last time I went there (granted it was late on a Sunday), the only thing good was a cheerful fondu pot (just the pot). I was almost tempted to buy it when I noticed the $9 price sticker! I almost fainted.

They do have a silent auction there which my father has done very well at, but I'm a little sad that things have become so expensive.

Value Village is hit and miss. Sometimes they too seem to be overcharging for goods, but there is always a good chance that I will come home at least with a nice tea towel for $2.99.

I know, I know. By blogging about vintage things (and now selling), I'm contributing to the price push at these stores. However, I do feel that if you're running a thrift store that gets their stock mainly from donated goods (which I contribute to  - as do thousands of other people each day), we deserve to get a deal. It's like having a yard sale. I participated in Valley Antiques Garage Sale in May and I blew things out at rock bottom prices because it wasn't an antique booth - it was a yard sale. People don't come to yard sales wanting to pay more than $2 for most things. All that was left behind was donated. Yes, donated to Goodwill. I'm Canadian and for many of us that means straddling the line between charity and masochism.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Today's Rummage

I had thriftacular fun at the St. James Anglican rummage sale in Dundas this morning. We had to get up at 7:30 (ugh!), but we came out with lot's of goodies. I didn't even take pictures of everything. It was a classic rummage sale, including a plant and bake sale. I've got perennials growing in our garden that I bought for a song last year. I love that they were dug out of someone's garden just for the sale. 
 I got this cool vintage light and another similarly cool one for a fiver.
 I've never seen kiwi bird egg cups before. I got them along with a bunch of other things for $3.
 English Pyrex Chelsea gravy boat for half a dollar.
 Twee Japanese egg cups as part of my $3 bundle.
 Pastel coasters, also part of the bundle.

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