Sunday, April 13, 2014


Between Friday evening and yesterday, I went to four church rummage sales between Burlington, Dundas, and Hamilton. The best one was in Dundas, but that may have been due to the fact that I got there pretty much when the doors opened. Those Dundasians are like a rabid pack of lions at a rummage sale I tell you!
P.S. Thanks for the nice comments. I'm really looking forward to blogging more and reading more blogs. 

 Big red Cinderella Pyrex bowl - $2!

Rustic hand made shoe shine kit with leather strap - $5!

 Conch shell - $1

Tupperware cake dome - $2

English cream and sugar pottery - less than a dollar!

Montreal Expo 67 drinking glasses. They cost less than a dollar. Sadly, I discovered that each one has a hairline crack, but they will still look good on display in our china cabinet.

 New Fiestaware mug - $1!

Totally eighties curling mug - $1. This was more than I would have paid but I also got the Fiestaware mug, a really cool Japanese cup and saucer (not pictured here), and the scale below all for $4, plus it's all meant to raise money to help the church, so I feel the opposite of ripped off.

 Bowling nut mug - less than a dollar.

 I got this glass for less than a dollar...
When I got home, I realized that I had thrifted two similar glasses back in Toronto. I'm not interested in golfing apart from mini golf, but I like the glasses. 

 I found this vintage cocktail shaker at the Value Village in Waterdown for 2.99!

 The Tom and Jerry made in England mug came from the Burlington church rummage sale and cost less than a dollar.

We needed a kitchen scale. Ken found this 'Made in West Germany' scale at one of the Hamilton rummage sales for $1. I love the colour. It reminds me of my seventies childhood. 

 This vintage CN Tower glass says, La Tour CN on the other side. It was found either at the Burlington or Waterdown Value Village for a dollar. On the back is the recipe for their Top of Toronto cocktail.

These vintage French onion soup bowls were $1.99 for the pair at Value Village. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back With Goodies

Hello there,
I'm sorry for the lack of posting. It's been a combination of my busy work life, an incredibly cold, dark and dreary winter, and a slower pace of thrifting that I haven't been compelled to take photos of my thrifty finds. Today was the first real springy spring day. Finally we have sunlight and I'm ready to spring back into blogging. Thanks for checking in. 
 My son joined a youth bowling league in Dundas and as a result, my husband and I have taken up ten pin bowling. Ken has started to collect bowling paraphernalia. Above is a Mexican bowling pin he bought from someone in Guelph via Kijiji.
 My awesome father gave us this old railroad lantern recently.
 Vintage treasures sit happily together on top of the fireplace.
 These are antique blowtorches. One was from Southwarks Antique Mall in Cambridge, the other from Valley Antiques in Dundas.
 We bought the milk can on a Maritimes road trip many years ago. Awesome father gave me the wooden pulley and Ken bought me the wooden folk art cat at Valley Antiques.
 Ken bought this Brunswick bowling pin at Valley Antiques this afternoon for $16.
 My son Duncan started collecting vintage pop bottles. I picked up some old bottles from local pop companies today at Valley Antiques. The Sky  Hy was $6.

 The Majestic bottle came with the Texola case and the two pieces only cost $5. I'm telling you, you need to come to Valley Antiques. The variety of vintage treasures and the prices are quite fantastic.

 Before Christmas, we bought this old British Rail sign at Valley Antiques.
 We'll be putting something under the sign in the future.
 This retro medicine cabinet came from Ikea. We haven't hidden the wiring yet for the lighting, but you get the idea.
 Here are some of our funky glasses we keep in it.

 We bought this beautiful reproduction of a Dundas map (circa mid 1800's) at Valley Antiques.
 Our teak china cabinet holds many of my Pyrex pieces.

 This piece was one of the first items I have won at auction.
 Last week, Canadian Tire had a sale on Kitchen Aid mixers, so we finally got the orange mixer we've been wanting for years.

 My wonderful parents gave me this church pew for my birthday. It was originally attached to a wall at one end, so my dad bought two pews so that he could have the end piece attached to the end that was bolted to the wall. I love it and so does Kiko and Marty who are now frenemies and occasionally good buddies.
Thanks for stopping by. I promise to embrace to spirit of thrift blogging and blog more heartily as the better weather arrives.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Photos From Our Booth

I've been super busy with the start of the school year and co-running an vintage booth with my husband. It's also been super fun. I'm now a Canadian picker. We've had so many adventures in picking already. I've got to start blogging about it. 

In the meanwhile, if you live in Southern Ontario - please come to Valley Antiques in Dundas  (a charming little town to the west of Hamilton). I suggest coming on a Saturday. Stroll down historic King Street. While you're there, pop into the bakery in the old postal office and treat yourself to something yummy. 

Walk a block south to Hatt Street and stop at number 64. Valley Antiques is in the old foundry building. It's a wonderful space for an antique mall. Inside, it's brimming with booths filled with just about everything you can imagine. The prices are pretty good too. 

After you've stocked up on vintage treasures, have a pub lunch at the Winchester Arms, or swing by cycling cafĂ© Domistique. Later on, walk down Melville street to see all the gorgeous Victorian homes. 
As Valley Antiques has only been in operation for just over a month, we're trying to get the word out to out-of-towners, so tell your antique loving friends to check it out and tell their friends, and so on, and so on...

 Two of the milk cans outside are ours, including the massively distressed one below, which comes from a farm in Hagersville. 

 Above and below are images from our booth taken a week ago. A few items have sold since then, but most of the objects in the photos are still available. We had a big antique mirror hanging where the school posters are now, but it sold. I'm looking for another one.

Thanks for looking!

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