Sunday, July 20, 2014

Salt 'N Peppa's Here

Every now and then, you hit the jackpot with a garage sale that sells the kind of things you're looking for and the prices are cheap. That was the sale I went to yesterday. 
 For $1, I got these three salt and pepper shakers (sixties 'made in Japan'), the atomic age egg cups, the funky seventies flour sifter, and the 1937 King George VI Coronation glass. Woo-hoo! Start the car!!!!

 I bought this Kathie Winkle tea pot at the Aberfoyle Antique Market last week for $15. I just had to have it. I've never seen any of her tea pots before. Sometimes I wonder if she's still alive.

 Through Kijiji, I bought this vintage sixties Kodak Brownie Light Holder. The 8 mm movie camera would screw to the top of it and two flood lights would screw into the front to illuminate the subject of your movie. I'm now on the hunt for the movie camera that goes on top. It looks so cool when you see it put together.
 I miss Kodak!

For $20, I also bought this amazing Junior View-Master bakelite projector that is operated through light. I just think it looks so stunning. It's hard to believe that goods used to be made to serve a function, but also be so stylish. Unless you pay for designed items, it's hard to find that nowadays.


  1. Oh how I love those garage sales! They are just too few....You got some amazing deals!

  2. Oh a yard sale that seems meant for yourself is always the BEST fun! Love the s&p's but the egg cups are my fav's! Love them!


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