Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's already the new year in the Southern Hemisphere, so Happy New Year to those in Australia, New Zealand, and any other countries down there.

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, have a great night. I'll be back on tomorrow to tinker on this little blog. Cheers.

Here's the best fireworks scene in a movie. I think you'll agree.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Thrifts

I hope everyone had a swell Christmas. The week between Christmas and the new year is always one of my favourites. Many people are still away in the city and our street is a semi-quiet oasis. All the cars parked on people's "parking pads" have vanished and you can almost imagine what the street looked like back in the 1920s. I always try to read the very old English story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. It's a seasonal story that takes me back to a wonderful course I took at university. If you're not working this week, I suggest that you surround yourself with the things that interest you, block out the noise, read a good book, and enjoy the season.
I received many wonderful gifts from my family. My niece was kind enough to give me this Friendship Pyrex dish, which I don't have. Wonderful!
On Boxing Day, we went to the Value Village in Niagara Falls. There wasn't much there for me, but I did clean up on vintage tins. They were .99 each.
Above and below: English fruit cake tins.

Pretty tea tins. I like that they're hinged and a bit rusty.
This one is textured. I like touching the bumps.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Pogues Style

Merry Christmas to all my blogging buddies. You know who you are. Mom Wald, thanks for the crochet pointer. I'm not exactly sure what you meant, but I'll ponder it over the holidays. Why don't I have people like you as next door neighbours? Can't you just imagine it. Ding-dong. "Oh, it's Erin again. She's trying to make a blanket, but it looks like a cloak worn by Stevie Nicks after being slammed in a car door."

And thanks to those who randomly pop by for a gander at what I'm discovering. Oh yeah, thanks to my mother for being the only person in my family who reads this blog. Here's a little James Garner circa The Rockford Files for you, Mom. Go on. Have a moment.
Go to fullsize image

Here's a funny story. I was just washing the dishes listening to Q with Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio. He was interviewing the son of the man who invented the Yule Log. The son introduced his father by saying that he was born in the year that China abolished slavery. I was thinking: "Hmm, that seems totally out of context" and snickered to myself. When it was over, Jian and comedian Elvira Kurt completely lost it on air. I love it when TV and Radio personalities crack up. Remember my beloved German weather lady who couldn't stop laughing?

Merry Christmas to you all. Here's my traditional Christmas song which I'll play every year until I expire or stop blogging. It's Ireland's The Pogues, with the late Kirsty MacColl. Enjoy!
Lover Erin

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Isabella Blow

* I mistakingly wrote that Isabella Blow was a milliner in my original post. She did indeed wear many amazing hats in her life, but she didn't design hats herself:)
I first learned about fashion editor Isabella Blow when designer Alexander McQueen died earlier this year. She was his muse by all accounts. I wanted to find out more about this genuine English eccentric, so I Googled her name only to find out that several years ago, she had committed suicide. McQueen also took his own life. Last week, I read a book review in the Toronto Star about Blow by her widowed husband Detmar Blow, appropriately titled Blow by Blow. Today, I decided to use an Indigo gift card and buy this book as a little Christmas gift to myself. Problem was, I couldn't think of Isabella Blow's name at the time. I managed to convince a clerk to Google "McQueen muse" and sure enough, he discovered that they had one copy of the book in the fashion section.

Of course, I couldn't find the book in the fashion section, so I had to ask another clerk. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Oh, hello. I was told that you have one copy left of Blow by Blow. Could you help me find it?"
Clerk: "Who is the author?"
Me: "Blow."
Clerk: "Who is it about?"
Me: "Isabella Blow. She was a hat designer. English. Very famous in those circles."
Clerk: (scanning section) "Blow, Blow, Blow..."
Me: "It's called Blow by Blow, it's by a guy called Blow, about Isabella - his wife. But she's dead now."
Clerk: "Here it is" (shoves it in my hands).
Me: "Thanks."

I can't wait to read it. Do Google Isabella Blow in the meanwhile if you're interested in modern-day surrealist fashion design. Here are some pictures from the book.

Oh, on a totally different note, my scarf is looking a little better. I pulled out my seriously wonky stitching and started again. It's still not perfectly straight at the sides, but it's not looking like Krusty the Clown's tie anymore. I figure, it's my first project and I can stretch it out to make it look more even if necessary. I'm sure Martha Stewart would scold me if she heard of such poor craftsmanship.
Sorry about the photo quality. Right now in Toronto we seem to go from harsh light to no light at all.

My D-List Life As A D-List Canadian Celebrity Spotter

Earlier in the week, I had to withdraw some money from my local east-end bank. I noticed a man skulking around by the window. He was wearing a pseudo hipster casual suit and his hair was bottle black. He looked familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It was my turn to use the machine, so as I was pressing the buttons, I turned around to see if this man had left yet. He hadn't. He was beginning to creep me out a little because he was trying so hard not to be noticed that he stood out like someone dressed up as a hotdog at a funeral. I can only assume that the woman at the other machine was his girlfriend and he was waiting for her. I finally realized who it was. It was the "Simon Cowell" judge from Canadian Idol. I couldn't believe that he was trying so hard not to get noticed. He should be so lucky that someone would actually stop and say something like: "Oh, aren't you that wiener who willingly got paid to listen to teenagers singing Phil Collins' power ballads and then complained about their song choice?"
Definitely D-list Canadian celebrity, rapidly descending into obscurity. Watch the clip of manufactured tantrums below. The judge that was skulking around bank machines in East York is the wanker in the leather jacket, not the wanker in the bad sweater. Meeeow.

This reminds me of the time we took our son to an after-hour children's walk-in clinic for pink eye. Like all the parents there, I was kept waiting for an eternity. Who else was waiting forever? It was none other than the premier purveyor of the most over-rated, boring films in Canada. I think only film critics have actually made it through any of his films and only because they have to. Like the Canadian Idol judge, this gentleman was doing everything in his power not to be noticed by the common people. He had his back awkwardly turned away from everyone and had his head down, when he wasn't on his cellphone. His poor son had to come and tell him when it was his turn to go in. Maybe I'm being too harsh. Perhaps he was hunched over his final revision of a scene from a film that was being filmed the next day.

When I told a table of teachers at my school about it, they didn't even know who I was talking about. Who am I talking about?

On a happier note, I saw a cool Canadian DIY celebrity today. I only know about Jim Caruk (of HGTV's "Real Renos") because my husband watches the show. I find the show boring, but Jim is funny. You get the feeling he spends 90% of his time on his cellphone and the other 10% he rides around on a forklift and they get the action shots for the show. Anyway, I was working on my crochet at a Tim Hortons up at Yonge and Eglinton in the lunch hour today. As I gnawed on my cheese bagel, I noticed a manly man dashing across the street. He needed a good haircut, but was wearing his "touch of grey" quite well otherwise. It was Jim. He doesn't care that everyone knows he goes out in public and crosses public streets. Good for you Jim! He actually smiled at me, or perhaps looked in bewilderment at a woman hooking and chewing at the same time.

Go to fullsize image
Yeah baby! The closest thing we Canadians have to a Mike Rowe dude. I bet he uses a two-in-one shampoo and never has his hair touched by a stylist.

D-List Canadian Celebrity Sightings

Within the past five days, I've spotted two very D-list Canadian celebrities, one who acted awkwardly and the other who seemed like the cool dude that I thought he'd be. This reminds me of a time a few years ago when a B-List Canadian celebrity was at the same after hours children's walk-in clinic.

Should I dish or be professional? Bear in mind I don't have enough money to hire a lawyer, so if I get taken to court, I may have to pass the tin can around. LOL

I'm going stocking stuffer shopping. Will respond later.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Dear

I decided to relearn how to crochet on the weekend. I watched some YouTube tutorials and figured I had it all figured out. Alright, how is it that my scarf is turning into a triangle? I realize I'm decreasing the stitches, or whatever they're called in Crochetland. I'm going to need a little roadside assistance. I hope to fix this problem and be wearning my funky scarf by next week.
Can she do it?
Stay tuned:)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two Tiered System

This post is brought to you by the truly eye-popping, digitally remastered, director's cut, etc. version of Simple Mind's "Up on the Catwalk." I always liked this band - especially their early dancier stuff. Click play and enjoy as you look at what I found at - you guessed it - Value Village today.

The fact that I don't know what this is called speaks to what a bottom feeder I am in the world of domestic goddesses. Anyway, I've always wanted a double decker serving dish. I never thought I'd find one so old timey and Gun Smoke. I want to say it's not vintage, but repro, but there's absolutely no manufacturers' mark on it. The wood and brass don't seem like a modern touch, so who knows? I'm always loath to spend more than $5.00 at VV, but this was $9.99 and I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't buy it.
The bottom plate is essentially a larger version of the top, but includes a few extra details, such as a broom. How charming. I feel this uncontrollable urge to make little sandwiches with the crusts cut off. I also found what I thought was one plastic Made in Hong Kong Christmas chip bowl. I loved the vivid colours. The world's most miserable cashier was there again to ring me up. Despite her hang-dog customer service, I stayed chipper and thanked her. When we got home, I saw that she charged me .49 for the bowl. Duncan quickly discovered that it was stacked on an identical bowl. How two adults missed this and a five-year-old figured it out is so typical. Well, I'm slowly recouping all the money I've spent on over-priced goods at VV, forty-nine cents at a time. At least someone's smiling. Cheeeeeese!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Finally, Pyrex and the Quaids

If you want to see a nicer picture of my latest Pyrex bowl and read a story about it that rivals the finest literature of Balzac and Tolstoy, you can read about it at The Pyrex Collective.

In my last post about people who got into heaps of trouble or were very annoying in 2010, I forgot to mention Randy and Evi Quaid. I highly recommend that you buy the latest edition of Vanity Fair. First off, just look at who's on the cover!
Go to fullsize image

The cover price is worth it just to have this fine portrait of Johnny Depp. There's also a huge story on Jackie O's life as a book editor. But the real guilty pleasure is the feature on Randy and Evi Quaid. Talk about a car crash of a couple. The interviewer met up with Randy and Evi, who were on the lam, hiding out in Vancouver last month. The Quaids are clearly pathological liars who don't know how to manage the money Randy gets in royalties probably because he's smitten with his control freak wife who spends every last penny on designer clothes and shoes. Somehow, they've concocted this whole crazy story about how there are people in Hollywood who are trying to "whack" them. Truth is, they don't make their mortgage payments on time like us hard working folks have to. Their theory about being targeted makes no sense whatsoever. They seem way too "Life on the D-list" to even warrant a celebrity whack. Do read this piece.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

People Who Got Into Heaps of Trouble or Were Annoying

When I was a kid, there was a show called "The Most Important Person." I don't remember the show at all - only the Me Generation theme: "The most important person in the whole wide world is you and you hardly even know it..."
Hey look - it's on YouTube, just like everything in the universe.
Check out the first 27 seconds. You totally won't regret it. I remember the girl wearing the eye glasses who is ham-fistedly painting something.

Back to the end of 2010. This is the time of year for "year in review" lists. I thought that I'd round of a list of people who got in trouble this year - or were just plain annoying. The purpose is to make you feel glad about being you when you realize that you're not them.
Enjoy and feel free to add anyone I missed.

  • Julian Assange. He's all over the news these days. I'm mildly fascinated by him. Just when I think "Rah, rah. Stick it to the man!" I read something unsavoury about him and I'm not sure if I should be ordering a Free Julian t-shirt just yet. Regardless, I'm glad I'm not him because he had to spend a few days in a dank English slammer in isolation all because of his wedding tackle - OR WAS IT?
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Assange works the Mary Tyler Moore hairdo. Someone buy this man a beret to toss. Nobody will know it's him. Shhh...
  • Next up is Adam Giambrone. I know, I know. For those not living in Toronto or Southern Ontario, you must be thinking, "Who's he?" To save my typing fingers, I've copied and pasted his Wikipedia blurb. It's my "Wiki leak" of another no good man with plumbing control issues. I don't even want to repeat what he did that destroyed his career in politics. I'll just say that I hope the sofa at City Hall was Scotch Guarded. Read these few paragraphs and you'll wonder how unintelligent someone as smart as Giambrone could be.
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Adam Giambrone (born March 8, 1977) is a Canadian politician who was a Toronto City Councillor, representing the southern of two Davenport wards. Elected at 26, he remained the youngest member of Toronto council after re-election. He is also a former president of the federal New Democratic Party. He is the 2008 recipient of NOW Magazine's "Best City Politician" award.[1]

An archaeologist by training, Giambrone has participated in excavations in Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and Guatemala.[2] He speaks English, French, and Arabic fluently.[3] He is of Italian-American ancestry, and his father moved to Canada to avoid the Vietnam War.[2]

As Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission, Giambrone has led the largest-ever expansion of bus service in Toronto, and seen record transit ridership. Giambrone secured over $8 billion in new funding to build light rail into areas of the city currently not served by rapid transit.[4] An expansion of two subway lines also forms part of an overall $18 billion long-term expansion plan driven by Giambrone.[3]

On February 1, 2010 Giambrone announced his candidacy to succeed David Miller as Mayor of Toronto in the 2010 election,[5] as the leading progressive candidate, showing second place in early polls.[6][7] Giambrone exited the mayoral race on February 10, 2010 amidst a sex scandal and he did not run for re-election for his council seat.[8][9]

  • I guess the next group would be the stars of pointless reality shows, famous for being tacky or over-breeding. I can't even bring myself to watch these shows, but these "everyday" folk are so overexposed that you can't even make it through the checkout line at Shopper's Drug Mart without having them stare you in the face from the cover of tabloids. So be gone Snooki & company, teen mothers, Kate and 8, and that family with 18 or 19 kids.
Go to fullsize image
Please take your bronzer and find a nice, secluded log cabin far from the TV cameras.

  • Miley Ray Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Taylor Swift. Alright, the last one stayed out of trouble, but is it possible for celebrities to date people who aren't celebrities? As for Lindsay Lohan and Miley Ray, why don't they take up a craft instead of drugs? Think of the beautiful sweaters they could make if they put the bongs away. Miley Ray must be in so much trouble with her parents right now. Just be glad you're not her. Totally grounded.
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Kind of makes you long for the good old days of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.
  • Lady Gaga has become really boring due to overexposure. When she gets into trouble, it seems more like old-style Madonna manufactured controversy, rather than loose cannon stuff. If you watch her in interview, she comes across as utterly humourless and she has a major diva complex. Go away for awhile and make a new record.
Go to fullsize image
Yes, we get it. You're edgy.

Well, I'll stop there. I may add more as the spirit moves me. I'm already thinking about the Italian Prime Minister.
Go to fullsize image

Thanks for reading and go to sleep confident that you're a good person and not annoying.

Value Village?

I should make it my New Year's resolution not to complain about the pricing at Value Village, but I have a better chance of becoming a tidier person in 2011. Sigh. Let's start off with the good side of Value Village and then I'll get out my cat 'o nine tails.
I trudged down the road in Arctic-like weather after dinner last night to my local Value Village (Woodbine and Danforth if you're keeping score). My goal was to find a fish bowl for one of the class Beta fish I brought home for the holidays. Of course, I had to have a poke around and I was charmed to find this movie clapboard or whatever it's called for .99. I'm sure it will get used in skits, etc. in my classroom.
I also found this cardinal cross stitch kit, still in the package. You can see the price. I think it was fair enough. Birds are one of my many loves in life.
Now I just have to have someone teach me how to cross stitch. Ha ha!
I also bought a $3.99 vintage Hot Wheels car garage (by vintage, I mean late-eighties) for Duncan. He'll get it with his Christmas gifts. It occurred to me that he won't care if it was thrifted or not. Why not give thrifted gifts at Christmas? I also bought three books, including the classic seen above, The Little Red Hen. Most children's books are .99 each or buy 4 and get the fifth free. That's a good deal.

Alright, now hear me roar. I found a medium sized fish bowl that was priced at $1.99. It had a little rust stain on the bottom that I knew I could scour off easily. When I took it to the checkout, I saw that it had a significant crack along the side. I was using my 30% off card, that I've earned through purchases at the store. I didn't know that they had to deduct the discount per piece, so when I presented the card at the end, the woman told me that she had to void everything and start again. Maybe they should have a sign at the cash telling customers to present the card at the beginning.

So while she was voiding the order, I went to the back to find another fish bowl. I discovered a much smaller bowl that also cost $1.99. I thought it was odd that the store would charge the same price for two bowls that were totally different sizes. I politely asked about it and whether or not I could have it for .99 or something like that. I wasn't trying to be cheap. It just didn't seem right. A tired looking man who appeared to be the store manager was counting up money at another desk. My cashier explained the situation to him, but he stood his ground. "The larger one costs the same because it has a stain and a crack in it." I was told. I cleared my throat. "Why would somebody willingly buy a fish bowl with a crack in it?" I was told that someone might use it for something else. Alright, I guess you could put a terrarium in it, or perhaps it could be a very large swear jar for Gordon Ramsey. How silly of me to not to consider the myriad possibilities in this cracked fish bowl gathering dust on a back shelf of a thrift store. I'll try to be more open minded in the future.

Anyway, I was given a new 30% off card with a few extra stamps on it. I sense the cashier knew I was right and felt a bit bad that they were so hardline about cheaping out on loyal customers.

I know I'll be back and I'll try not to complain. Promise.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Frame-a-Rama

A few months ago, I mentioned how badly I wanted the Fisher-Price A Frame of my childhood. Would I ever have it in my possession again? As a child I had a ton of Play Family buildings, Little People, and accessories and none of it was saved. I've been piecing together as much as I can now that my son's at the age where it's loved and used. Well, Tami (who lives outside of Toronto) read my sad sack remarks and told me that she had one in her garage that was gathering dust. Long story short, I met her at Yorkdale Shopping Mall today and I bought it from her. Huzzah! Here it is.
I was so excited to share it on the blog, that I took horrible flash-soaked pictures of it on the sofa. It includes a fireplace and kitchen.
Duncan stuck the mailman in it to test it out. Dig the braided rug.
Here's the side. It features "glass" sliding doors, patio and Alpine-style balcony.
The sliding door actually slides. I'm moving in.
Thanks, Tami! It was weirdly emotional being reunited with an object that I loved so much as a child.

Here's the real thing...
Dramatic sloping roof
And a song to celebrate the occasion. Yee haw!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Commercial of 2010

Something tells me that this commercial got pulled. Maybe one person out there objected to the gratuitous use of oil in the commerial? My son and I would crack up every time it came on. Bring it back!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Victorian Christmas

The Victorian farm team show you how to... Make a Victorian Christmas

First off, welcome to Stacey and also Ashley of Ashley's World. You are my latest followers. Thanks for your jolly joy.

Next, I wanted to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post regarding candle making. It seems that those who love to buy thrifted goods, also love to making things with their hands. I'm inspired!
I just finished watching a rerun of the BBC's Victorian Farm Christmas. Again, I'm left in awe of Victorians as well as the people who took on the roles of Victorians and lived the part for a year. I strive to be as practical and hard-working as Ruth Goodman. Do I seem a little obsessed? Ruth Goodman reminds me of Frances Conroy, who played Ruth Fisher on Six Feet Under. Both women have that ethereal Pre-Raphaelite look that's so beautiful compared to the processed look of youth. Don't you think?
Ruth Goodman

Ruth Goodman (above)

Go to fullsize image

Frances Conroy (above)

Anyway, if you click HERE, you'll find a great selection of Victorian crafts from the show. These crafts will make your home more Christmasy. You'll find everything from marbled gift wrap, to keepsake boxes and recipes. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Candle Question & More Flair

Look what I found at Value Village today:
Four matching side plates to go with my six English "Flair" dinner plates! There were six side plates there, but two were in such grim condition that I left them behind. I don't have a "no plate left behind" policy. Tee hee. I paid $2.49 for the four plates. Sweet!

Here's a question for my crafty friends out there. Can you melt down old candles to make new candle wax? I'm kicking off our "Early Settlers in Upper Canada Unit" with some Christmas pioneer crafts. I was hoping to let the kids dip candle wicks into the liquid wax to make hand dipped candles, like I did at Pioneer Village when I was a kid. I bought the wicks at an art supply store today, but the wax was way more expensive than I'd bargained for. They had a huge slab for $34.00 and a smaller slab for $19.99. I was thinking of asking the kids to bring in old candles from home and I'll melt them down in a double boiler.

What do you think? We're also going to make pomanders, write on tea-stained paper with feather quills, and make ginger cookies. I want our learning to be as hands-on as possible. Cheers,

Homemade Home Book and One Gerbil Left

Sadly, six of Rosie's litter have died. They survived two days, so I thought we were out of the woods. One seems to be hanging on. We'll see what happens. I won't let anymore gerbil breeding happen. I guess if you're a farmer, you get used to animal mortality.

On a happier note, I noticed that Thrifted Treasure (one of my favourite blogs), recently posted a selection of awesome books on her bedside table. I was blown away to learn that Kirstie Allsopp has a book out. I guess it went along with the Homemade Home show that I've raved about. You can order it from The Book Depository UK. It retails for $25.28 Canadian and the shipping for this hardcover book is FREE! Why not buy yourself a Christmas present?

All the best,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who Should Play Julian Assange?

This morning, I discovered a bottle of perfume a lovely girl named Uzma gave me as a Christmas present, my first year teaching. It's called Julian, For Women. I've never used it. I guess it's four years old now.
It got me thinking about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is currently in the UK, jailed for rape charges in Sweden. According to reports, the complaints may have more to do with contraceptive malfunctions than rape. Who knows? I'm just astonished that between being an international computer hacker and sensitive government document revealer, Julian still had time "for women."
There were two stories about Assange in today's Toronto Star. I must admit, I've been following this story closely for a few months now. Here are my reasons why I'm intrigued by Assange:

1. This story is the stuff of a John Le Carré novel. Alright, the Cold War is over, so we'll take what we can get.
2. I'm the same age as Assange, so I'm kind of impressed by his accomplishments - even those deemed dubious by some. I suspect he's not such a great person to have as a friend. He's betrayed several WikiLeaks associates who now have nothing good to say about him. I support WikiLeaks. Maybe governments should keep their hands cleaner if they don't want the nasty bits revealed to the world.
3. Assange is Australian and my dad is an Aussie, so I'm always excited by any Australians who make headlines - except Nicole Kidman and her country singer husband.
4. Assange had an incredible life even before he started hacking computers in his late teens. He was raised by a single mother who had an abusive musician boyfriend and Julian and mother spent years on the run from this man. It would be easy to psycho-analyze Assange's natural tendency to live a life on the run. I'm sure a book and movie are in the works.
This got me thinking: Who should play Assange? He's pasty-faced and almost cool looking. He looks like he could be a bass player with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
Here's my short list. Feel free to contribute:
1. Guy Pierce. He's an obvious choice as an Australian and bears a ballpark resemblance.
2. Gary Oldman. Alright, he's long in the tooth, but with a little Botox, he could pull if off.
3. Johnny Depp, because he can do anything.
4. Russell Crow. Another Aussie with acting chops. He's got the enfant terrible thing down too.
Well, in support of Assange, I gave myself a squirt of Julian For Women and put on Julian Cope's 1987 masterpiece Saint Julian. Julian Assange: good cop or bad seed? You decide.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kathie Winkle Plates, Vintage Cups and More Gerbil Pups

Rosie the gerbil just gave birth to another litter. This time it's a much bigger litter (5-6 pups). Yes, I know that Bob Barker would be telling me to get those gerbils fixed. I've remedied the situation by putting Diesel (who's like the K-Fed of the rodent world) in a separate cage. I'm not sure if the pups will survive, but I hope most of them do. Then I'll have to beg my students to beg their parents to let them keep one. If I'm able to get a picture of these tiny, pink critters I will. They're very cute.
On a different note, I had a good haul at the Value Village near my school. I found six of these stunning vintage plates.
The back stamp says "Flair A Louis Gordon Production Made in England." If anyone knows anything before I go Googling, that would be most helpful.
I also found genuine Kathie Winkle plates. I was only able to get two of the large plates, but I found four of the small ones (below). The lady charged me .99 a plate for the big ones and $2.99 for the four small plates.
I forgot to take a picture of the back of the plate, but it says "Broadhurst Made in England Ironstone a Kathie Winkle Design Handpainted Underglaze Detergent Proof Complies With Safety Standards Capri. I guess this pattern is Capri. It's so whimsical.
A Kate Bush interlude...
I found these vintage duck glasses for .99 each. The gold paint was in perfect condition.
These two milky glass Fire King mugs were .49 each. Someone had used them as candle holders and I spent a bit of time scraping the wax out of them.
Also for .49, I bought this vintage Centennial glass.
It's all sixties Canadian cool. Dig.
I can't believe I hauled all this stuff home on the bus, picked up junior, and still managed to schlep it a few blocks home. No pieces were damaged. The things you do for thrift love.

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