Sunday, December 5, 2010

International Hit

I just noticed that someone from Reykjuvik, Iceland visited little ol' Yard Sale Snoop from Toronto. I'm so excited. Please come back!

Visiting Iceland has always been one of my dreams. I want to get a push bike and cycle around the the bubbling mud with my husband and son. I want to do the same in New Zealand, though I suspect it would take a lot longer.

Here's a clip from a documentary on Iceland's finest band Sigor Ros. You get to see lot's of scenes from Iceland in it.

And here is sprawling Viking music from Sigor Ros. For those who like this sort of thing - enjoy! Erin


  1. Isn't it cool how small blogging makes the world! Thanks for some great info on Iceland!

  2. Congratulations again to you, Linda!!! If you are someone other than Linda and you're reading this - go to A La Carte (linked at right) right now and check out her wonderful news. No. She's not having a baby but you're on the right track...


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