Sunday, December 19, 2010

Value Village?

I should make it my New Year's resolution not to complain about the pricing at Value Village, but I have a better chance of becoming a tidier person in 2011. Sigh. Let's start off with the good side of Value Village and then I'll get out my cat 'o nine tails.
I trudged down the road in Arctic-like weather after dinner last night to my local Value Village (Woodbine and Danforth if you're keeping score). My goal was to find a fish bowl for one of the class Beta fish I brought home for the holidays. Of course, I had to have a poke around and I was charmed to find this movie clapboard or whatever it's called for .99. I'm sure it will get used in skits, etc. in my classroom.
I also found this cardinal cross stitch kit, still in the package. You can see the price. I think it was fair enough. Birds are one of my many loves in life.
Now I just have to have someone teach me how to cross stitch. Ha ha!
I also bought a $3.99 vintage Hot Wheels car garage (by vintage, I mean late-eighties) for Duncan. He'll get it with his Christmas gifts. It occurred to me that he won't care if it was thrifted or not. Why not give thrifted gifts at Christmas? I also bought three books, including the classic seen above, The Little Red Hen. Most children's books are .99 each or buy 4 and get the fifth free. That's a good deal.

Alright, now hear me roar. I found a medium sized fish bowl that was priced at $1.99. It had a little rust stain on the bottom that I knew I could scour off easily. When I took it to the checkout, I saw that it had a significant crack along the side. I was using my 30% off card, that I've earned through purchases at the store. I didn't know that they had to deduct the discount per piece, so when I presented the card at the end, the woman told me that she had to void everything and start again. Maybe they should have a sign at the cash telling customers to present the card at the beginning.

So while she was voiding the order, I went to the back to find another fish bowl. I discovered a much smaller bowl that also cost $1.99. I thought it was odd that the store would charge the same price for two bowls that were totally different sizes. I politely asked about it and whether or not I could have it for .99 or something like that. I wasn't trying to be cheap. It just didn't seem right. A tired looking man who appeared to be the store manager was counting up money at another desk. My cashier explained the situation to him, but he stood his ground. "The larger one costs the same because it has a stain and a crack in it." I was told. I cleared my throat. "Why would somebody willingly buy a fish bowl with a crack in it?" I was told that someone might use it for something else. Alright, I guess you could put a terrarium in it, or perhaps it could be a very large swear jar for Gordon Ramsey. How silly of me to not to consider the myriad possibilities in this cracked fish bowl gathering dust on a back shelf of a thrift store. I'll try to be more open minded in the future.

Anyway, I was given a new 30% off card with a few extra stamps on it. I sense the cashier knew I was right and felt a bit bad that they were so hardline about cheaping out on loyal customers.

I know I'll be back and I'll try not to complain. Promise.


  1. Erin complain away. I swear there is no logic to the pricing system. That said, I still find Value Village here to be one of the more 'reasonably priced' thrift stores around.

  2. Hmm, bad decision on their part! I did have a successful request for reduction last week. I wanted a $11.99 item that had a tear on the front, and they reduced it to $7.99! I had just asked the cashier if they could knock a couple bucks off, but that's what the manager settled on!

  3. Some days I feel the same as you, then other days are START THE CAR prices! But I find Goodwill and Salvation Army Thrift Stores to be more reasonable than Value Village. I usually stop there first. But you know you'll still shop there, eh?

  4. Have to remember that VV is a business and prices can be quite high although can be negotiated. Same for Talize. GW is my store of choice, then the animal aid thrift stores and a bible mission store here too. Got me a pair of black patent leather sandals by Mr. Seymour for $$3.99, and a near new pair of New Balance for $2.99! A couple of mths ago got a pair of high=heeled sandals by Anne Klein for $5! You can tell I LOVE shoes!


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