Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two Tiered System

This post is brought to you by the truly eye-popping, digitally remastered, director's cut, etc. version of Simple Mind's "Up on the Catwalk." I always liked this band - especially their early dancier stuff. Click play and enjoy as you look at what I found at - you guessed it - Value Village today.

The fact that I don't know what this is called speaks to what a bottom feeder I am in the world of domestic goddesses. Anyway, I've always wanted a double decker serving dish. I never thought I'd find one so old timey and Gun Smoke. I want to say it's not vintage, but repro, but there's absolutely no manufacturers' mark on it. The wood and brass don't seem like a modern touch, so who knows? I'm always loath to spend more than $5.00 at VV, but this was $9.99 and I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't buy it.
The bottom plate is essentially a larger version of the top, but includes a few extra details, such as a broom. How charming. I feel this uncontrollable urge to make little sandwiches with the crusts cut off. I also found what I thought was one plastic Made in Hong Kong Christmas chip bowl. I loved the vivid colours. The world's most miserable cashier was there again to ring me up. Despite her hang-dog customer service, I stayed chipper and thanked her. When we got home, I saw that she charged me .49 for the bowl. Duncan quickly discovered that it was stacked on an identical bowl. How two adults missed this and a five-year-old figured it out is so typical. Well, I'm slowly recouping all the money I've spent on over-priced goods at VV, forty-nine cents at a time. At least someone's smiling. Cheeeeeese!


  1. Love the tiered plate! What a fun buy!

  2. Hi, it's your sister Rhonda again , the one that doesn't read your blog. Isn't that stealing? :( I would have took it back. I'm telling mom. WWJD ; )

  3. Hi, it's your other sister Lise from Toronto, the other one who doesn't read your blog. You left your .49 cent Hong Kong Christmas Chip Bowl at my house on Christmas Eve. Does that mean I owe you .49 cents, or do you want me to return it?


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