Monday, December 13, 2010

Victorian Christmas

The Victorian farm team show you how to... Make a Victorian Christmas

First off, welcome to Stacey and also Ashley of Ashley's World. You are my latest followers. Thanks for your jolly joy.

Next, I wanted to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post regarding candle making. It seems that those who love to buy thrifted goods, also love to making things with their hands. I'm inspired!
I just finished watching a rerun of the BBC's Victorian Farm Christmas. Again, I'm left in awe of Victorians as well as the people who took on the roles of Victorians and lived the part for a year. I strive to be as practical and hard-working as Ruth Goodman. Do I seem a little obsessed? Ruth Goodman reminds me of Frances Conroy, who played Ruth Fisher on Six Feet Under. Both women have that ethereal Pre-Raphaelite look that's so beautiful compared to the processed look of youth. Don't you think?
Ruth Goodman

Ruth Goodman (above)

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Frances Conroy (above)

Anyway, if you click HERE, you'll find a great selection of Victorian crafts from the show. These crafts will make your home more Christmasy. You'll find everything from marbled gift wrap, to keepsake boxes and recipes. Enjoy.


  1. argh! i missed it again!! totally forgot. mondays kind of hit me and i don't quite recover til friday ;) you'll have to call and remind me next week or something lol

    the videos in that link don't work in canada, i guess. but at least they have the step by step outlined below the video. i have got all my supplies and i'll be making my own crackers this year! i'm kind of giddy about it, actually :) i'm gonna fill it with good stuff, not the junk you usually find inside the ones from the store. plus our own selection of jokes/riddles with help from the kids. giddy giddy ;)

  2. Hi ana. Yes, I realized the videos didn't work after I posted this. My husband grumbled something about BBC and international licensing and how he can't watch Top Gear clips on the Beeb's website. Your home sounds so cozy and fun. I've had to deal with some crabby people today, so your comments totally perked me up.
    All the best,


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