Saturday, August 16, 2014

Marty Update

Marty has snugs with Stella (pre operation)

Thank you for your kind words about Marty. He fully recovered from his sickness after he escaped. Unfortunately, a few days after his recovery he somehow found two Nerf bullets that my son had put in a container with a lid on it! He swallowed both, spat up one and the other one did not come out. My son felt guilty although he had done his best to put away all of his small toys.

He underwent emergency surgery to remove the bullet. It's been a very dicey week with his health. He's wearing a collar and is quiet tender still. The good news is that he's starting to get his energy back and he seems to be on the road to recovery.

I've still been thrifting, but I've been very worried about Marty all week, so I'll try to catch up with my thrifting adventures soon.

All the best,

Friday, August 1, 2014

Woodstock Mega Antique Mall

We had been wanting to go to the One of a Kind Antique Mall in Woodstock, Ont. for some time. It's the biggest antique mall in Canada - or at least Ontario. It did not disappoint. Woodstock is a really pretty town with plenty of old architecture. The antique mall was overwhelming in scope and the prices were very low. Get thee there!
 I've never seen many old waxed cartons before - certainly not in such good condition. I bought all of these containers for the colour, graphics, and condition.
 Tee Pee Yogurt was made in Toronto. I should ask my mother if she remembers this brand. It looks sixties and there is no French on the packaging - which all products in Canada have included as long as I can remember.
 Each piece was less than $5!
 Pure Canadian and Quebec honey.
 I love this tiny ice cream container. I remember similar containers with a pull tab on the top. You'd eat it with a little wooden spoon. I can't believe that someone saved this and that it was never wrecked. This cost about $3. I'll treasure it.

 I have a smaller Holiday Pipe Mixture tin and I've never seen any since I bought that one in Indiana years and years ago. Again, the artwork and condition could not be better. Talk about romanticizing smoking! I think this was $16.
 I loved the two-tone colour scheme of these Melamine s&p shakers. They cost $5 for the pair.
 Earlier in the day, we went to the big Bibles for Missions thrift store in Woodstock where I got these pretty snack bowls for $2. I really like the cursive writing.

 I also got this swell mid-century candle holder for $4. It looks Danish.
Please say a little prayer and keep a warm thought for our cat Marty. All of our cats are indoor felines, but he disappeared for a couple of days last week and has since been very sick. He was hospitalized today and the vet is concerned that he may have been poisoned while outside.
On a happy note, our new kitties seem to be doing well. DJ is always on the move, but wee Stella is always up for having her photo taken. Here she is in one of her many cute poses.

Thanks as always Linda for the lovely comments. You deserve an award for blogging and commenting. Much appreciated! I'm glad you've got a kitty to love.

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