Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Carefully 'Wrought' Plan & Antiquing in Aberfoyle

A little bit Edward Gorey, a pinch of gay Paris - a real thriftacular treasure. 
 Despite sleeping in, I still made it to a moving sale in the old part of Dundas, where we live. These sales don't happen too often. Duncan and I breezed by and the nice folk sold me this beautiful wrought iron shelf for only $1!!! Considering that we got there a good two hours after it started, I'm wondering what treasures I missed due to tardiness.  
 As you can see, the shelf opens up, but I'm going to discreetly wire the doors together. I have to get two pieces of glass cut for the shelves and the fancy bit will face the back. It will function as an open shelf for outdoor plants. 
 It had been recommended that we go to the big outdoor antique market in Aberfoyle, ON. It runs until October only on Sundays and if you like booth after booth of every possible antique you can imagine - this is your place. 
 A trimmed down and shaven Kenny Rogers checks out treasures from yesteryear. Just kidding. 
 We saw a lot of things we liked, but we don't have extra spending money this month - plus, it was 30 degrees celsius, which must be at least 120 degrees fahrenheit for all you Americans out there. See - this is the sad truth about Canadian weather. On a day like this, I wish we lived in igloos 12 months a year. 
We hope to head back with some spending money on a much cooler day. 
Chin chin!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kind of Blue

 We dropped off some shutters at the reclamation centre in a tiny town called Freelton this week. While there, we had a poke around and found this cool saucepan that was made in Austria. It was only $3. 
 I wish new things were made this colourful. I'm growing bored with the stainless steel look. 
 Later in the week we went to a bigger small town called Grimsby, which is partway between Hamilton and St. Catharines. I popped into the Grimsby Benevolent Fund, where I found this small Pyrex Butterprint casserole dish, which I don't have. It was only $2! It just goes to show you that it's always worth having a look. 

I'm still obsessed with the colour orange. I found this heavy piece of pottery at the Freelton reclamation centre. It was $2. 

I'm off on my two month teacher's summer, so I hope to do a lot more thrifting, blogging, and skulking around my new home town. 

Rock on!

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