Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Cookies & St. Catharines Thrifty Finds

I told my mom I'd post pictures of the cookies we made at my parent's home today in St. Catharines. By "we" I mean my mom, my sister Lise, Duncan, and myself. We missed my other sister Rhonda who lives in Memphis, TN and my niece Eden who was nursing a cold back in Toronto. You were with us in spirit and the cookies will freeze nicely until Christmas. Duncan decorated the Christmas tree cake. Maybe I should reprint some of the cookie recipes soon. Mmm...
Ta-dah! Look Mom - no green food colouring all over me.
Mini Me becomes mesmerized by the camera and then attempts to levitate the kitchen table with one hand.
My father took me to a silent auction at his church. While there, I went into a room marked "Santa's Workshop" and I found this .25 tartan calendar wall thingy for my classroom.
I also got this handmade bluejay note tote. Guess how much I paid? I love birds.
On our way home, I noticed this thrift store in Thorold, which neither of us were aware of. The woman told us they were closing in ten minutes. I looked at my watch. It was 1:50. What kind of Saturday shopping hours are we talking about here? Anyway, it has a happy ending because for $2.00 I bought the Tupperware container above, plus...
This groovy mushroomy tin from the late seventies or early eighties.
I also got these sweet Christmas tree decorations. The felt Santa is crafted and the one on the right looks sort of sixties Made in Japan.
I also got these iron plant holders. But wait - there's more!
Perhaps out of guilt for having to toss out a happy father and daughter enjoying a rare moment of togetherness, the woman gave me this potted Kalanchoe for free. What a fun day. Thanks, Mom and Dad! It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.


  1. Well very cool finds there for a quick shopping trip! Love the felted Santa! Oh and mini me is adorable.

  2. Oooh! Those cookies look wonderful! I've never frozen baked cookies...just the raw dough.

    We got the same plastic 60's Santa! OMG the coincidence! We should each take a pic of it in our trees and blog about it :)


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