Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemade Home Book and One Gerbil Left

Sadly, six of Rosie's litter have died. They survived two days, so I thought we were out of the woods. One seems to be hanging on. We'll see what happens. I won't let anymore gerbil breeding happen. I guess if you're a farmer, you get used to animal mortality.

On a happier note, I noticed that Thrifted Treasure (one of my favourite blogs), recently posted a selection of awesome books on her bedside table. I was blown away to learn that Kirstie Allsopp has a book out. I guess it went along with the Homemade Home show that I've raved about. You can order it from The Book Depository UK. It retails for $25.28 Canadian and the shipping for this hardcover book is FREE! Why not buy yourself a Christmas present?

All the best,


  1. It's a great book, thanks for the mention :-) PS your Pay it Forward pressie will be posted this week, I promise, am I the most disorganised blogger ever?!?

  2. I've got two-thirds less boys than you do and I still have trouble getting out the door in the morning, so don't even think about it. I'm just happy to have you as a blogging buddy.


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