Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Thrifts

I hope everyone had a swell Christmas. The week between Christmas and the new year is always one of my favourites. Many people are still away in the city and our street is a semi-quiet oasis. All the cars parked on people's "parking pads" have vanished and you can almost imagine what the street looked like back in the 1920s. I always try to read the very old English story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. It's a seasonal story that takes me back to a wonderful course I took at university. If you're not working this week, I suggest that you surround yourself with the things that interest you, block out the noise, read a good book, and enjoy the season.
I received many wonderful gifts from my family. My niece was kind enough to give me this Friendship Pyrex dish, which I don't have. Wonderful!
On Boxing Day, we went to the Value Village in Niagara Falls. There wasn't much there for me, but I did clean up on vintage tins. They were .99 each.
Above and below: English fruit cake tins.

Pretty tea tins. I like that they're hinged and a bit rusty.
This one is textured. I like touching the bumps.


  1. Those are lovely! The textured one is amazing looking!

  2. I like your finds. I'm a total sucker for vintage tins.

    I have 2 of the first one-one was my mom's. I have a tray that matches the second one. and I have the last tea tin. I didn't know it was a tea tin, I thought it was a candy tin. Glad I stopped by, I got to see your new tins and learned something new!

  3. Fun finds.I love the textured one and have a collection of them myself.They remind me of enameled jewelry so I always pick them up when I find them at yard sales and thrift stores.Enjoy.

  4. These are really cool gifts!
    Like the Pyrex and the tins,
    Enjoy and Happy New year

  5. Hey there,
    Thanks to all for the comments. Miss V. - they may be candy tins. I thought they looked like they would have been used for tea, but now you've got me thinking hard candy. The kind that grandparents always have on hand.

  6. I just adore reading about your trip to a thrift store on boxing a day. And what finds in your vintage tin collection. Just lovely.


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