Monday, December 6, 2010

Owl Calendar & Craft Blogs

'Tis the season to feel the uncontrollable urge to make things. I thought I'd share some favourite crafty blogs.

First off, check out My Owl Barn. Yes, it's actually a blog devoted to owls and owl arts and crafts - along with owl decor for the home. There is a free downloadable 2011 owl calendar. It makes me wish I had a colour printer, but I printed it anyway. I think I'll let my class make mini owl calendars to go in a Christmas/holiday gift basket.
Visit Stephanie Day's elegant My Crafty Days. This Calgarian (and member of the Pyrex Collective) has a beautiful home and her blog is filled with inspiring ideas for your pad.

Craftypod is another good one.

Bloesem Kids is a craft blog collective that's geared towards kid-friendly projects. It's Canadian (Canadians are obligated by law to say if something is Canadian).

Posie Gets Cozy is another pretty blog filled with gorgeous pictures and ideas of things to make.

I could keep going, but I'm going to hop into bed and read Going West. All of these blogs have links that lead you into a Bermuda Triangle of bloggy wonders. It's a little dangerous.

I'll send you off to sleep with a clip from a wonderful series from the UK: Victorian Farm. Has anyone seen this? TVO keeps re-showing it and Ken and I can't help but settle in and watch it every time. Basically, a small team of real people dress and live the part of Victorian farmers. It's beautifully filmed and I love Ruth on the show. She's hard working and always enthusiastically throws herself into projects such as butter making, weaving hats, etc. If this is available on DVD, I'd love to own a copy. Put down your CrackBerry and pick up some knitting needles. Enjoy.


  1. (sigh) i just watched the tail end of it tonight, they were gathering hay for the upcoming winter. i have been looking for the series on dvd, but no luck. i love that show.

  2. I just caught the Victorian Farm the other night on TV, although I had never heard of it before. Loved it!

  3. Ana (ana), I should have included i made it so on this list. You've got one foot in the thrifter's world and one on the crafters. It all works so nicely in your universe. I think the Christmas episode of Victorian Farm will be on next week. Check your local listings. Ha ha.

  4. hehe, yeah, i'm looking forward to it, now that i know when it's on. i was so disappointed when i looked at the clock and realized the show was almost over just when i found it.

    and thanks (you can call me ana or Ana ;)) little universe is a happy little place :)


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