Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who Should Play Julian Assange?

This morning, I discovered a bottle of perfume a lovely girl named Uzma gave me as a Christmas present, my first year teaching. It's called Julian, For Women. I've never used it. I guess it's four years old now.
It got me thinking about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is currently in the UK, jailed for rape charges in Sweden. According to reports, the complaints may have more to do with contraceptive malfunctions than rape. Who knows? I'm just astonished that between being an international computer hacker and sensitive government document revealer, Julian still had time "for women."
There were two stories about Assange in today's Toronto Star. I must admit, I've been following this story closely for a few months now. Here are my reasons why I'm intrigued by Assange:

1. This story is the stuff of a John Le Carré novel. Alright, the Cold War is over, so we'll take what we can get.
2. I'm the same age as Assange, so I'm kind of impressed by his accomplishments - even those deemed dubious by some. I suspect he's not such a great person to have as a friend. He's betrayed several WikiLeaks associates who now have nothing good to say about him. I support WikiLeaks. Maybe governments should keep their hands cleaner if they don't want the nasty bits revealed to the world.
3. Assange is Australian and my dad is an Aussie, so I'm always excited by any Australians who make headlines - except Nicole Kidman and her country singer husband.
4. Assange had an incredible life even before he started hacking computers in his late teens. He was raised by a single mother who had an abusive musician boyfriend and Julian and mother spent years on the run from this man. It would be easy to psycho-analyze Assange's natural tendency to live a life on the run. I'm sure a book and movie are in the works.
This got me thinking: Who should play Assange? He's pasty-faced and almost cool looking. He looks like he could be a bass player with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
Here's my short list. Feel free to contribute:
1. Guy Pierce. He's an obvious choice as an Australian and bears a ballpark resemblance.
2. Gary Oldman. Alright, he's long in the tooth, but with a little Botox, he could pull if off.
3. Johnny Depp, because he can do anything.
4. Russell Crow. Another Aussie with acting chops. He's got the enfant terrible thing down too.
Well, in support of Assange, I gave myself a squirt of Julian For Women and put on Julian Cope's 1987 masterpiece Saint Julian. Julian Assange: good cop or bad seed? You decide.


  1. i vote for paul bettany (albino monk in da vinci code). and he's the right age (which, by the way is also my age!)

  2. Oooh, that's a good one. Wish I'd thought of it. Rock on!

  3. I think he looks like Kevin Spacey.

  4. Another vote for Paul Bettany - although if Johnny Depp played him, I would definitely see the movie!

  5. Yes, anything with Johnny Depp (drool). ;^)

  6. Great comments - great ideas. De tout, de rien - I'm almost tempted to see that movie with Johnny Ms. Jolie that's out right now. Mommy Panda - Keven Spacey would work too, but he may have to play and "older" version of Assange. LOL

  7. Please Paul Bettany I think he would be great!!!


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