Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vintage Jerusalem Tea Towel & English Pyrex

Happy Chanukah!
First off, a belated welcome to my latest followers Vintage Bettys and Non Yang. Please check out their terrific blogs linked over to the right. Non Yang's blog goes by the name Breathe Me Deep.

You may recall on a recent post that I tramped down to Value Village on Friday evening to look for Pyrex booty. Well, I've been waiting for a moment to take a picture of this tea towel I bought, but natural light is fleeting in these cold, Northern days. Here it is. The towel needs a good ironing, but otherwise looks like it had been packed away in a drawer since 1971 - ironically, my birth year.
It's so colourful and cheerful. Maybe this tea towel should be brought out to help end all the fighting in Gaza. Alright, I'm a hopeless optimist.
It was actaully made in Israel, but it looks very Swedish to me. I love the bold colours and scenes of life in Jerusalem. There's even a nurse holding a baby.
Here are the Jewish holidays. I'm not sure where to hang this. I may give it a good ironing and hang it in my classroom for fun.
Here's the Pyrex I had written about earlier. I posted an emergency query on the Pyrex Collective and my friend the Pyrex guru Valerie from Vonlipi's Favorites knew right away that it is English-made Pyrex. The price sticker was obscuring the word "England" until I gave it a good scrub off. The JAJ insignia which is often found on English Pyrex was absent. I'm thinking we should do some sort of side link on the Pyrex Collective about Pyrex not made in America.

Anyway, I still like this pattern. It's swirly and delightful.
I suspect that this isn't the right lid for the dish, but it fits, so I forked out $2.99 for it.
Two beauties together. The larger dish was $6.99 and the smaller size was $4.99. By the way, when I was in that little thrift store in Thorold yesterday, I asked the lady in charge if they had any Pyrex dishes. Do you know what she said? "It goes very quickly when it comes in." Yes, Pyrexia has hit small-town Ontario. Or maybe small towns are being overtaken by townies like myself looking for buried Pyrex treasure.
Made in England and Israel.


  1. Love that tea towel! How cool that is for sure. Yes I have found a couple of made in England Pyrex, only one was marked with the JAJ. Maybe Pyrex Love would start a separate page for JAJ patterns.

  2. OH yes, a section on English Pyrex would be great. Love love love the tea towel.


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