Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kijij & Auction Treasures

 Barely a week goes by that I don't buy something from Kijiji (a Canadian online Classified company similar to Craig's List). Lately, I've been buying items for our booth, but when I saw this beautiful Niagara Falls motion lamp from the 1920s, I just had to have it for myself. It looks beautiful lit up at night, but it's so old that I don't want to leave it on too long in case it melts.

 I bought this nifty C-I-L oil colour tube display box at a country auction in Dundas yesterday. I paid $30 for it, which may seem like madness, but I love commercial art and I'm sure I'll use it. Check out the handy storage at the back.

I also bought a very cool vintage floor lamp at the auction, which I haven't taken a picture of, plus this Bakelite phone, which looks very old. It will be sold eventually, but I can enjoy it for now.


  1. My advice to you on the Niagara lamp is to put a very LOW watt bulb in it! I made the mistake of putting a 30 watt bulb in and it did melt it. :/
    I love the bakelite phone! I was just watching the stage version on "Anything Goes" last night and was drooling of the early 30's art deco EVERYTHING!
    Can't wait to see that lamp!

  2. Wow, amazing and such cool finds! Love the lamp and that phone!


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