Friday, July 25, 2014

Love Cats

We were never going to have more than two cats. So how did we end up with four? Find out at the bottom my good friends. 
 Above: Duncan holds two-month-old Stella. Possibly the cutest kitten known to humanity.
 Four-month-old DJ (the cat was actually named Duncan so he's DJ for Duncan Junior). I love the "Kindly set me down" look on DJ's face.
 We've set Stella and DJ up in the upstairs bathroom until all cats get to know each other.

 Above: Stella and DJ have snugs on some pillows. Ahhhh...
 Meanwhile outside the bathroom, Kiko gets increasingly stoned on the catnip ball spinner while Marty watches on in horror. "Steady on old chap."
 "Catnip. Where have you been all my life."
 Marty peeps under the door to try to catch a glimpse of our newest family members.
Alright, here's the story. On Tuesday, it was very hot in Ontario. My family had converged in Dundas for a picnic. We left a few windows open. Marty managed to pop through a screen and when we got back, Ken noticed Marty high-tailing it away. My family circled the block shaking cat treats and calling his name. No Marty. I blanketed the neighbourhood with missing cat signs and we kept the search party going. It was difficult sleeping that night, and the night after. On Thursday night I went out on the porch as I'd forgotten that I'd applied paint remover on a step stool. It was around 11 p.m. when I started scraping paint off under the light on our porch. I heard meowing and it was like something out of a made for TV movie. "Marty - is that you?" I could see the silhouette of a light coloured cat on our neighbour's front lawn. I slowly crept closer as I pulled off my rubber gloves. He kept rolling on his back to get his belly rubbed. I finally got close enough to rub his belly and as I did, I grabbed the scruff of his neck and brought him in, much to the amazement of Ken, Duncan, and Kiko who harassed him for the rest of the evening.

Earlier yesterday, we had gone to look at some kittens up for adoption and fell madly in love with Stella and DJ. Someone had found Stella the day before with her little head stuck in a fence. DJ was getting passed over because he's not a wee kitten anymore. He's a very fun cat and we've never had a black cat before.

So that's how two became four. I hope to have happy updates in the future. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love homes with multiple cats. I'm owned by only one old cat right now! :)


  2. We have four cats just seemed to happen............without warning!

    They are all a joy and get along so well. Oldest is 13; youngest is one and two year old "twins" in the middle.


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