Saturday, April 25, 2009

Early Yard Sales in East York

Welcome to Toronto Yard Sale Snoop. I love yard sales, church rummage sales, and low end estate sales. I also love reading yard sale blogs. Last year, I became a fan of the blogs Yard Sale Addict and Yard Sale Bloodbath. I couldn't believe that anyone had the audacity to take pictures of people's clutter. I secretly wanted my own yard sale blog. And now - here it is. Below, you'll find pictures from two sales last week in my East York neighbourhood. At first, it seemed odd asking people if I could take pictures of their sales. Later, I looked at the pictures of the weird, random things that were being sold and I realized that we're all equally demented. I have no idea if anyone is reading this. If you are, I hope you enjoy this seasonal insanity. 
At the first sale, I found leopard print dining room chairs adorned with yellow butterfly lights. 
The seller became noticeably sad when I told her how vividly I remember the Lennon shooting even though I was a child. I hope it did her some good to get rid of this morbid memento for $5.00 
Obligatory box of LPs. 
Bob Marley snack table. 
At an entirely different sale, a pair of new empty nesters seemed happy to let my son rummage around. The man  inflated a musty trampoline, that looked like a large inflatable bed. Duncan had a blast.
Mass-produced art leaning against a birch tree. 
Bird bath 'o stuffed animals. Points for merchandising. 
Bag of rodent accessories, soon to be enjoyed by Rosie, the beloved gerbil in our classroom. I only paid $1.00 for everything. 
Cranium, Therapy, and a horse. What does it all mean?

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