Saturday, May 2, 2009

East York Driveway Delights

There weren't a lot of sales in our immediate surroundings today. A neighbour mentioned that today was the day of the Cosburn Lawn Bowling Club Sale. After dragging Duncan up the road, the clutter was a little disappointing. We bought a few things which you'll see below. On our way back, we hit gold - a driveway sale on Mortimer run by a 60-something couple who plan on moving in the near future. I love East York and this couple were the epitome of the down-to-earth folk that live in our community. 
Duncan attempts to test drive our new old toboggan in the backyard. 
Nothing says East York like a lawn bowling club. Pictured above: East York Lawn Bowling Club Sale seen through a chain link fence. 
Lawn bowlers also like ping pong - or someone once did. 
Bargain mugs: I bought the vintage Fort Henry and Sanka mug as well as the Woody Woodpecker cup with matching log bowl. 
Christopher Columbus' coffee of choice: I bought Duncan this nifty replica of the Santa Maria for a lousy quarter. He calls it his "pirate ship."
Kenny G., Terence Trent D'Arby, and Hall & Oats cassettes. Get 'em while they're hot. 
This lawn bowling club has been around for almost eighty years. Inside the clubhouse you'll find trophies and photos. 
Supreme lawn bowlers from the late '80s. Big hair and even bigger glasses. Is there a connection?
It takes a lot of bowling balls to run a good lawn bowling club. True.
After stumbling upon this awesome driveway sale, Duncan and I found dozens of interesting objects. Here, Sonny Jim checks out a very large funnel. 
Old margarine containers filled with fuses. 
Pull-tab pop cans from the early eighties? Do they still make Wink?
Home with our wonderful wooden toboggan. The couple charged us $5 for this well-loved toboggan that their family used to pile onto during snowy days in the '70s. The woman told me that she made the pillow herself. It's filled with plastic to help prevent soggy bottoms. 
Awaiting new snowy memories. 
Some of our haul includes a vintage three-hole punch ($3.00), an old tin of pencil crayons, and real papyrus from Egypt.. 
I bought this vintage iron for $4.00. The man ran in and put a new cord on it, which cinched the deal. I heart East Yorkers!
Oh the memories. I couldn't resist buying these vintage picture books. They still have the 45s inside. If only I had a turntable. 
Fairy tale books for our classroom. I wish I had these two weeks ago, when we started modernizing fairy tales. Below, my whole stash of books, including Duncan's Winnie the Pooh books, a book on tartans and clans of Scotland (for Ken), and a very old Esso map of Northern England. In all, I spent about $20.00 today - maybe less. 

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