Saturday, April 10, 2010

They Knew I Was Coming

Here's my haul from the Woodbine Value Village today:
Sunny little Pyrex bowl in a small size.
Check out the sensible price. Value Village is so inconsistent. The mushroom Pyrex bowl I bought at the Vic Park and Eglinton location was priced at $4.99 before I guilted them into knocking a buck off. Yes, I've told this story a million times before. Yes, I'm still bitter. I'm slowly working through my anger issues.
This platter was so cool. I have no idea what it means. It was made in China, so it's newish, but I have no idea what Grip Limited means. It's either proletariat dinnerware for employees of a company called Grip, or it's some avant garde European hip design. I always mix these things up.
Girl with a yoga mat and guy with a hockey stick flank dogs atop a slide. In the background, a bagpiper wails away. This ain't proletariat crockery is it? Cost? A mere $1.99. It will seem a bit odd putting a turkey on it, but what the heck.
Vintage powder pink planter with Jackson Pollock-esque black paint whips. I had to have it for $1.99.

I never buy ashtrays because I don't smoke and it seems kind of gross buying something that has been ashed upon. This, however, I had to have. It's an ashtray in the shape of the province of Saskatchewan. It's so vintage. The original gift store sticker is on the back and it was made in Canada. It doesn't have any visual or olfactory traces of tobacco. Taking all this into account, I reckon it may become a candy dish. Cost? $1.49. Sweet!

Here's Song of the Week #40 - Bonnie Raitt's "Thing Called Love." It was on at Value Village. Love it. Go Bonnie!

I just read the comments. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to do this. I read so many blogs and I get so caught up in the reading, that it's always late and I need to get to bed and end up not posting comments nearly as much as I want to. Oh well, summer is on the way.

Leslie pointed out that a younger, hotter Dennis Quaid appeared in the original "Thing Called Love" video. I totally remember it. I was actually looking for that vid, but it's not on YouTube.
This is the next best thing from the eighties. Feast your eyes on this smoldering song and video featuring Robbie Robertson and Maria McKee from Lone Justice. Does anyone else remember this? "Somewhere Down The Crazy River" is kind of weird and there's a lot of mullets and genius art-wanker musicians in it. Still, it sizzles. At the time, I couldn't believe MuchMusic got away with playing a video with all that necking in it. By today's Lady Gaga standards, it almost seems quaint.

Anyway, enjoy this Leslie. I'm sure Robbie Robertson is an old man now, but perhaps he's still got it, minus the mini mullet.


  1. Oh I found that same Pyrex bowl and the one size bigger for $1.99 total! I was so surprised. Like you I think most of the prices are too high so this was a bargain. I also love that pink planter. Good finds!

  2. Fantastic haul! I love the mid-century planter too! I'm going to a flea in the Montreal area tomorrow...cross your fingers!

  3. Hey, I have that Pyrex pattern in a small flat-bottomed dish! I LOVE that pink & black planter. Too pretty to plant anything in, but I could see it in the bathroom with soaps, etc. Nice haul.

  4. A good haul today. I have the whole set of Pyrex mixing bowls in that pattern. It was part of my husband's dowry when we married. LOL

    I love this Bonnie Raitt song. The video they used to show on VH1 had Dennis Quaid in it. He was hot at the time.

  5. I seriously would love to find everyone you found! OMG - but I never do cause all the pyrex is sucked up to canada

    How do you say that in French?

  6. Loving your blog as I love, love, love thrifting!!
    Happy day!

  7. Thanks for the kind comments Junkdreams Janis and also Jeni. Of course, CSM - I love you too. Your dang parcel still is sitting on our living room floor. My husband has the car and our work schedules are not 'N Sync.
    You'll get it this month - promise!


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