Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goths on a Carousel

A couple of weekends ago I took my son to Centreville on Centre Island in Toronto. We had lot's of fun, but one of the highlights happened when the carousel he was riding was taken over by Goths. Ah the memories.
I stealthily snapped my camera, pretending to take pictures of Duncan. Shh! So excellent.
Minus the cape, this looks a bit like my first boyfriend, Dave. Ah, the memories!
The guy in front of Stripey Tights sat backwards on the carousel. I don't think I would have been so daring when I was a teenager. "We'll get kicked off the ride!"
I'm not quite sure what the look is here. Knights Templar? Still, you've got to admire someone for wearing something akin to Masonic ceremonial garb in the heat of summer.

Yet another surreal moment.

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  1. I spent a summer running that ride! Well, not THAT ride, but carousels and ladybugs and topsy turveys and such. Ahh, memories.

    I also spent a lot of weekends dressed in Renaissance garb and if you are in a group it can be a lot of fun. (and very warm)

    Every now and then I see a lone gal (usually in her 20s)dressed in clothing from my mother's era (40s or earlier) and that always makes me look twice. I can't help myself!

    Very good stealth photos.


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