Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shattered Memories

Alright, my blogging has been so inconsistent, that I just want to thank whomever you are for still giving me the time of day. I guarantee that I have not been sitting around in my silk bathrobe eating bonbons on the divan. No, I've been teaching, tutoring after school, and trying to be a good mother and wife in between. Next, I have to say that I'm not used to the new Blogger templates. I think that I'll get used to it and learn to love it, but the screen I'm looking at right now, as I try to create a little magic, just looks like some minimalist art gallery - all white and drab. 
So much more than just a mug: a lifestyle. 
Anyway, since I haven't found any yard sales in my neighbourhood and there's been nothing of note at my local thrift store, I thought I'd look back at my Sanka mug. Sadly, It went to the great trash heap a few months back. The rattan-style handle snapped off unexpectedly and I have too many chipped mugs holding pencils and pens, so I tossed it. At least I have the picture. Everything about this mug and Sanka remind me of my seventies/eighties childhood. Good times.
My secret beach a year ago. We were there today. Duncan looks a year bigger and there wasn't any snow. 

We discovered a whole whack of pottery last year, which we dragged back home. Today, we found the beach. We had to get by some people living in tents by the river. They seemed nice enough, but they had some evil, yappy little dog that looked like it would be better suited sitting on a rich woman's lap enjoying high tea. We finally made it to the beach, ankles unscathed and we found even more amazing pieces. I'm going to have to open up a museum of broken crockery from the early 20th century. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow.

With any luck, I will finally get my thrifting groove back.
Thanks for sticking around.
All the best,


  1. any good sea glass on your Pottery beach??

  2. Erin I'm always glad to see a post from you!! Seems like the thrifting has dropped way off for me also. I'm ready for some yard sales! Soon I hope! hugs, linda

  3. We're still reading Erin!(perhaps not writing, but reading!) The thrifts up here seem to be improving. Hope yours will soon.

  4. What do you do with the broken pottery you find? I'm still reading too, my blogging has also been pretty inconsistent lately as well, sometimes life just happens!

  5. Erin, I can take you right back to your childhood again, I bought the very same Sanka mug, I had it listed for sale but no takers, send me your address and I'll mail it off to you!

    I have been away for over a week so just catching up on blog reading!

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