Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Sanks" A Lot!

 I little while back, I talked about the shattered memory of my Sanka mug. Sanka is all that is wrong with coffee, but I love the seventies and eighties memories associated with a Sanka lifestyle. Jill, who lives near Sudbury, Ontario felt my pain and was kind enough to send me a brand new, old Sanka mug. I am grateful for it and will take efforts to not let the bamboo-style handle snap off this time. 
"Sanks" Jill!
Everyone loves a mystery box. Jill was kind enough to send a funky retro card too. Thrifters of vintage goods have the best taste!

Good to the last drop. Oops, I think that's Maxwell House. Nabob, I love your 97% caffein freewill. 

You have to love a company that had a jingle created to advertise the fact that it was the third most favourite coffee in America. "Number three! Number three!"

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