Saturday, December 29, 2012


What do you do when you fall in love with your dream home, on your dream street in a pretty little town? Do you tell yourself it will never work and just go back to the same old, same old or do you find out what it would take to make it happen and go for it? Well, we went for it and with the help of an amazing realtor, we were able to fix up our circa 1925 East York semi that we've lived in for the past 14 years and sell it within a week - Christmas week! We actually have two amazing agents - Alex Brott in Toronto, who also happens to be a cool, funky Pyrex collector herself, and the very classy Catherine Sennett who works the greater Hamilton area. Our dream has come true. Below are some slightly blurry photos of our decluttered home, staged with Pyrex. Follow your dreams!
 Alex brought in this vintage cowboy painting, so I put my cowboy crockery on top. The old bookcase belonged to my grandmother. In our rush to pack, all the books that were in it were boxed up and put in storage. It was Alex's idea to turn it into a Pyrex display case. Love it! Pyrex purists will note that it is not filled exclusively with Pyrex, but beautiful vintage crockery nevertheless. 
 Here's our beautiful kitchen that my husband did completely on his own. The colour is Behr Poppy Glow, if you like it. Ken was going to use glass tiles, but at the last minute switched to these stick-on stainless steel tiles for the backsplash. He thinks it's a bit too much steel, but everyone else likes it. Check out the Pyrex and other vintage crockery in warm tones. I staged that one!
 The dishwasher has to be up there with the wheel in terms of brilliant inventions. 
 Look, still life with Pyrex bowl!
 Alex brought in this circa 1960s US school map from her own place to hang over our sofa. The area carpet comes from Ikea. It's a little hard to keep clean with a seven-year-old boy and a cat, so we'd been cleaning it every day with zeal and verve (feel free to add your own adverbs).
 A look out the window: I will miss our wonderful neighbours the most. Friends and family will always be visitable. 
 We bought these green cabinets a few years back to hold glassware. I really like them. The Umbra clock is ours and Alex added some pretty candles and vases. 
 Close up of the vintage cowboy theme. Time for come chuck wagon stew!
 To highlight how roomy our little dining room is, we removed our retro fifties table and chair and Alex rented this vintage tulip table with funky repro chairs. She bought the pendant light at Ikea and brought in the big mirror and modern art you'll see in the blurry photo below. The art is really cool. It's painted on wood panels and adds a much needed splash of colour to the room. 
There you have it. The upstairs rooms are just bedrooms and our refurbished bathroom, so I didn't bother taking pictures. I hope that the new year will be full of good health, good times, and good thrifty pickings for all of my blogging buddies. When we get settled in our new home, I'll post pictures. 

Happy new year!


  1. Happy New Year Erin!

    May your move go smoothly!
    Will that mean a change of school too?
    I'm kinda of mixed with Ontario geography, especially the T.O area.
    I know that Alexandria and Cornwall are closer to my home and if we push it we can go shop in Ottawa or lunch in Gananoque and be back by suppertime!
    But that's it!

  2. You are an inspiration!
    Good Luck 8-)

  3. I am so happy for you! I know how hard the moving is! My kids are settling into their new home and love it! Can't wait for pics of the new home!

  4. Congratscon selling your house in a week!! Wow, at Christmas time too! Happy moving & enjoy your new dream home :)

  5. Congratulations on your quick sale in TO's hedgy market! I'll be sorry to see you leave town, though -- have enjoyed reading about your east-end thrifting adventures (west-end girl here). All best in your new home, and looking forward to reading about your new finds there.

  6. Congratulations on going for your dream home and selling your current house. The staging looks great and really worked! Best wishes for a smooth relocation! Hope you hear about your place.


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