Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winkle Winkle Little Star

Happy First Day of Spring!
I visited my folks in St. Catharines yesterday. The cupboards were bare at the Value Village and Goodwill that I normally go to. There was scuffed up Pyrex at Value Village which I didn't buy. Nothing spectacular. I did get this flower cut out for my classroom for .50.

My find was this genuine Kathie Winkle platter which I got for $2.00 at GW. The lady at the checkout commented that it was underpriced. Start the car!


  1. It's funny that I've suddenly come across a fair bit of Kathie Winkle! It is really sweet, I think. I bought a platter late last week - I guess it was "underpriced" too, I spent $1.99 on it!

    I just came across your blog the other day and have been really enjoying reading about your adventures - thrifty and otherwise. You've made me laugh a few times! "Start the car!"........often used my husband and me.

    Jane (also in Canada)

  2. Thanks for the friendly comment, Jane. Now I've got to find out if you have a blog. I don't know what's more addictive: thrifting, blogging, or reading blogs. Great score on the Winkle!
    Bye for now,

  3. Erin - the blog is still in the "cover and put in a warm place to rise stage" I'll let you know!
    Regards, Jane

  4. Oh, I do post some bad photos of my bits and bobs on Flickr.

  5. Hey Jane, I'll check out your photos. I'm sure they're not bad. Don't keep the blogging bun in the oven for too long. We may have to induce!


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