Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thom Yorke & facebook Keeping

A while back, someone I worked with created a facebook account for me. I never used it, but I did receive emails telling me that people I barely remembered from elementary school were wanting to get in touch. This was nice, but weird. In the past year, I've started receiving similar emails, but from students at the school I teach at. This is even weirder. Yesterday, I pulled the facebook plug and I felt liberated. My family and current friends and blogging buddies matter the most. Everything else is just in the past. Memories should be just that, I think. RIP facebook page.

If you like Radiohead, you probably already know about this, but YouTube is filled with Dancing Thom videos right now. Some of them are very funny. People are photoshopping all kinds of things in. If you're sitting there, bored at work - have a look. You'll be laughing.

I don't condone guns and killing, but this is pretty funny too.

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