Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Rummage Sale of the Season

Hello there. Today is a warm, perfect spring day in Toronto. I hope you're feeling bubbly all over, where you are. At long last, my first local church rummage sale came today: Hope United Church. The sale started at 10:30 and if you've ever had the pleasure of trying to get a five-year-old out the door, you'll know how painfully slow it can be: "Get your clothes on! Brush your teeth fast!" I could just imagine someone snatching a piece of dream Pyrex off the table seconds before we arrived. Well, I didn't get any Pyrex, but I did find many other things that I love. I paid $10 for everything you see in this post.
I love trees and old books, so I had to have this beautifully illustrated book.
I can't help thinking of the history behind the things I find at sales. Now I know that this book came from a Grade 1 class that used Room 4 at Huron Public School. The book was published in 1962.

I found this pretty painting in a box that was stuffed with picture frames. I see the potential in it either with a modern frame, or if I give the existing frame a make-over.
The back is taped up in a DIY sort of way and there's a very old envelope address stick-on with someone's name on it. Is she the artist, the former owner of the painting, or both?
Very big and very old paper fasteners.
I'm sure they'll come in handy for something.
Big 'ol Christmas tree skirt. This looks like it's from the sixties. We'll use it for years to come.

So cheerful.
Wiggly handmade scarf.
Handmade candle holder in pleasing earthy green tones.
Rear view.
I almost didn't buy this, but I was charmed by the quaintly patriotic feelings one goose can stir up. When I paid up, one of the ladies working their looked at her elderly mother standing beside her and laughed. She told me that it was made by her mother's sister-in-law. I asked if it was a mistake that it was being sold and whether they wanted it back. They told me it was alright. I asked them if S. Powell was still alive and they told me she was.

Bag of crafter's yarn for the eco craft club I'm starting at my school this week.
Doesn't this look like cotton candy at a glance?
Let's pause for a moment of Simpsons' nostalgia.

These pillowslips look cooler in person. They've got a sixties criss-cross line pattern on them.
Duncan wanted colourful golfballs to horse around with in the backyard. The sleeve that looks like it holds matches actually...
holds golf tees.

Oh my, Noddy and a Martin Short/Tim Allen DVD. Junior's been picking things out.
I love this cookbook. It's so old that it's falling apart. The cover looks like it's got a rare skin disease, but you know that means the book was well-loved.

I just can't get enough of the bright, technicolor photographs.

I'm making this Christmas tree thing for sure.

The chapters are in sensible order for the busy person.

This boy looks like one of those little brats running around Big Daddy's party in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
Isn't this what we all want to come home to each day? Tea and biscuits on a fancy tray by a roaring fire. Life doesn't get any better. How was your day thrifting?


  1. Woo hoo.Much fun.I am drooling over that Christmas tree skirt!It's terrific and we would use it in a heartbeat.Enjoy.

  2. OOOOOOHHHH! That tree skirt makes me wish for XMAS! It's beautiful. I would've bought that cook book too, even if just for the pictures :)

  3. I love how the mom is lovingly teaching her family all about dinners. Know your cuts of meat!

  4. Love this post! And the treeskirt!!

  5. I love old books too, I always buy cooking pamphlets/books just for the illustrations and wacky recipes. Lots of good finds today, the picture of the birthday cake is amazing.

  6. Looks like a fun sale. Love that vintage tree skirt! I also love the vintage cookbooks, the pictures alone are worth the price. hugs, Linda

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time! I would have bought the book too - the illustrations are lovely.

    After being quite ill for over a week, all I could manage was a trip to one Value Village. I found some treasures, including a Frankoma pitcher in pristine condition - priced very high for VV, but since it was so beautiful - and for ME, it came home with us!

  8. Love that tree skirt and the cookbook is fantastic.

  9. Wow, what a haul and a half. Love the illustrations in the first pic. Old cook book pics are a bit scarey if you ask me...!

  10. How much fun can you pack in a ten dollar box!?!?? way to go.


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