Saturday, April 23, 2011

Forthcoming Election

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I usually keep my political opinions to myself, but I just read in the paper that Jack Layton is gaining in the polls and I thought I'd do my part to rally thrifters in Canada to push him towards victory. Ha! I don't like Stephen Harper. He's our PM. He comes across as cold and overly controlling. Michael Ignatief is running for the Liberal Party. He's too much of an academic intellectual. Jack is a people person and I feel like I can trust him.

Anyway, vote for the person who will do good things in your riding.


  1. Hi Erin;
    My sentiments also. We have an advantage living here in T.O. because of Jack's (and his wife, Olivia's) political activity here. We've seen firsthand that there is action behind his words.
    I hope that Canadians will make the effort to cast a vote, despite that it hasn't been so long since the last federal election. I also hope that people will not employ the strategic voting practice because in doing so, their true political wishes and vision for Canada will never manifest. When I vote, I have to remain true to my political conscience! : )
    Perhaps we have to look at the number of votes cast for each party to determine the will of the people - electoral reform? hmmm
    Happy voting!
    Ps. As always Erin, your blog is entertaining and inspiring. I did take your advice and I started one (Re:), but now that I have my forum, I have been struck with "Writer's block"! lol Laura

  2. Thanks, Joy and Laura. I'm an eternal optimist, so let's hope for a positive change. Someone was quoted in the paper today as saying that Jack's the only candidate who has a smile on his face. That says a lot.


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