Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bret Michaels Award

Along with Keyboard Cat, I'd like to present Yard Sale Snoop's first ever Bret Michaels Award for public annoyance to the guy across the road from us who feels the need to clean his driveway with a leaf blower, even though he has a tiny driveway. P.S. Why must you do this at 8 a.m. Sunday morning? Oh yeah, and why do you always park your car on the street and not in your driveway like the rest of us? Is your driveway paved with the rarest ebony? I realize that my revved up neighbour likely doesn't read my blog, but perhaps someone else out there in thrifty blogland with a leaf blower fetish will read this and see the light. I live in hope.


  1. Our neighbors used a leaf blower to blow the leaves from THEIR tree onto our yard. Their yard - clean as a whistle - our yard - three feet deep in leaves. This morning the neighbors on the other side decided to mow at 7:00 am. NOT COOL!

  2. I hate the leaf blowers in our neighborhood when they get going early! GRRRRRRRRR...I feel you annoyance!

  3. I feel your pain! I hade the neighbours' yard maintenance service trimming hedges at 7 a.m. Friday morning. Not everybody is up by then! If it's not that it's the barking dog three doors down, loud enough to wake me up. I never let my dog bark. Such a nuisance!

  4. Oh yeah, maybe he can share that award with our neighbor who shoots off fireworks in the daytime when you can't even see them.

  5. I can't stand freaking leaf blowers and bug zappers.

    I have a neighbourgh who mows his lawn several times a week with his big ass riding mower and waters it (the lawn) every night even when it's raining.....quite the character

  6. You are hilarious! I love this.

    Our neighbor never starts to mow his lawn until it's just about dark. Once he was mowing when the tornado sirens went off (which was after it had looked pretty threatening, weather-wise, for a while), and he just kept on going. I think he likes living dangerously or something. Oh yeah, and he has to use 3 separate pieces of equipment to get the job done (on a fairly small city lot): a rider, a walk-behind, and a gas powered weed wacker. Sometimes the process takes days (see: it's getting dark)...then it's time to mow again.

  7. Make that 4 pieces -- I forgot the leaf blower at the end!

  8. That video just made my day.


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