Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mugging for the Camera

Toronto still remains a thrifty vintage ghost town, but I managed to find these swell Termocrisa bowls at my gloomy local Value Village. They cost $1.99 each. From my scant, Yahoo research, I can tell you that Termocrisa was Fire King made in Mexico. I suspect this happened before the whole NAFTA way of doing business took over. I like the tulips and gingham combo.
I know, this looks like the kind of souvenir mug you'd give your grandpappy. I had a massive Mexican mug that I loved, but the handle had a hairline crack and I knew that one morning, I'd end up with a hot mug of coffee on my lap as I was about to rush out the door. For this reason, I reluctantly retired it. Today, I was determined to find the biggest mug that didn't have a corny message on it - "Mom's make cherished memories" or "Brandi's Mug." I've actually been to Fort Henry a couple of times. I'm glad they included their goat mascot.

I hope to find some new fabulous finds soon. Short of hitting an antique store, I'm doing all that's humanly possible. Stay tuned!


  1. Love those bowls! So cute with the green gingham!

  2. Those are cute bowls! I think I have the mugs in the store....not sure!

    Western Quebec has been like the Sahara of thrifting!

    By the way, I spent about 6 months away from Shopper's after I left, especially after I learned that people were pissed because I never said goodbye (hello they never talked to me!). Now the same 2 cashiers ask me if I found a job and I always say yes. Funny how people don't listen!

    As much as I like the company where I currently work, my group is really weird, full of hard core judgemental italian ladies, it is hard at times but I,m hanging in there!

  3. I have two of the same in orange - they're the greatest little bowls!! They're on my blog..

  4. Lovely bowls. Good find. Oh and I know what you mean about a thrifting ghost town. It's the same here - boo hoo!


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