Friday, January 6, 2012

That Yolk's Not Runny

I visited my sister Lise yesterday and watched a DVD of an A&E biography of Julia Child. Although it was a light and breezy bio, it reminded me of the good old days when A&E at least tried to show things that were artistic as well as entertaining.

We almost fell off our chairs when they showed footage of a wedding from the forties or fifties. The announcer said, "Child attended the wedding of gay rights..." Huh? Child attended the wedding of a gay rights activist?

Well, no. It turned out that her friend was called Gay Wright. Ba-da- bing! You had to be there.

We got talking about old TV shows and I reminded her of the time we lived in Australia and watched a game called Blankety Blank, which was a knock-off of Match Game, which our family (at least the kids in our family watched a lot in the seventies. Charles Nelson Reilly AND Paul Williams. Who could ask for anything more? I'll never forget the Shaft wah-wah style theme music. Ah, the good old days.


  1. I always loved game shows and so did my oldest daughter. I loved Match Game, Pyramid but her favorite was Family Feud. Before she moved from Atlanta we went to a taping of the show being done now and it was so much fun. Gosh the memories.

  2. Match Game is THE epitome of what was great about the seventies. Why, I bet kids these days have no idea who Nipsey Russell even was!

  3. I'm Australian and fondly remember Blankety Blanks from my childhood. "Ugly" Dave Gray and Peter the Phantom Puller and all the things that "Dick did", so many fun memories and so many double entendres...........Greetings from Julie B in Sydney


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