Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Woodland Hunted

As part of my birthday present, my amazing parents gave me two pieces of Woodland Pyrex. I love them both (my parents and the Pyrex). As you can see, my kitchen Kate Bush gazes dreamily in approval if you look closely. Thanks again, Mom and Dad! My mother noted that Pyrex is getting expensive in St. Catharines, but was pleased to point out that she bought them at Value Village on Senior's Day and got a 30% off discount. Go girl! I'll be rocking the discount one day too.

Speaking of beautiful things, Dad found this back-breakingly heavy plant book for me at the Book Depot in St. Catharines and saved it for part of my gift. It's the biggest plant book I've ever seen. It could quite easily convert into a coffee table itself. Every year, they have a "Fill a box with books for $30.00 sale." He couldn't get this book in the box, so they just said, "Take it." My dad has all the luck. If I had tried that, I would have been taken away into a storage room and strip searched. I just know it.
Look how big it is - our fingers deep! Again, Kate marvels in the background.

I've done a guest post at Jordan Dibb's blog. I try to illustrate how I become a Pyrex heat seaking missile when I enter thrift stores. Check it out.



  1. Great deals from great parents. I love the Sr Discount myself!! Makes items so much more affordable. hugs, Linda

  2. Woo! What a great gift! Can never get enough of the woodland design. Thanks again for the guest post!

    <3 jordan

  3. Love the Woodland design. Just perfect for a Thanksgiving/autumn table. What a great gift!

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