Monday, September 24, 2012

Good, Clean Fun

 Last weekend we went to the apple festival at the Spadina House in Toronto. It's an old, Edwardian house (I believe) that's stuffed with furnishings and objects from the past. It only cost $5 to get in (free for kids). Here, you'll see volunteers pulp-ifying apples grown in the sprawling orchard. 
 "You turn my crank - literally." Some random gentleman squeezes the apples until the juices run down into the bucket. You'll see the end product below. 
 Duncan signed on for an old timey sack race. 
 Ah, life before video games!
 Here's what's left of the apples. 
 And here's the juice. 
Sadly, it all ended tragically when the house wolf mauled Duncan. Fortunately, he was back to his old self the next day. Or was he?

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  1. I love festivals! This looks like a fun time for all...even Duncan! :)


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