Saturday, November 3, 2012

That's Life

I'm a lumberjack... Duncan poses for a Halloween picture after a night of soggy trick or treating. This costume cost $1.99 for the axe. My sister donated the beard and the rest came from stuff we already had. 

A couple of posts ago, I introduced our new cat Lily. Sadly, Lily became very sick a couple of weeks ago and had to be put down. She was only two years old, but she was a tiny cat and they think she died of a feline virus FIP. Our older cat Kiko thankfully seems healthy, but we're going to wait until we get another cat. You are supposed to wait at least a month in order for your other cat(s) to excrete any remnants of a virus they have fought off. It's all rather strange how it happened, but we don't know Lily's history. We never have let our cats outdoors and up until Spook became sick in the summer, we've never had any health problems. It was hard saying goodbye to a cat we'd only had for such a short period of time, but at least she's not suffering. We gave her a good home for her final days and we'll look to help out another cat in need as soon as we know it won't be at risk of contracting a virus. 

I've been trying to look for cool things in the thrift stores and unfortunately, I've only come across scuffed Pyrex and nothing else of interest. I'm hoping to start going to antique dealers soon. Speaking of dealers, has anyone seen Salvage Hunters on Discovery? It's like American/Canadian Pickers, but set in England. The treasures are generally older, the scenery is gorgeous and the production values are more understated. 

Here is a not-so great quality clip. We watch it on Friday nights at 9 p.m. 

Here's the great Stan Ridgway singing Mission in Life. I love the lyrics. 


  1. Cool show, I think I've seen it once. So sorry about the new cat, but that does happen and you did give it a good home for it's last days. Love Duncan's costume!
    hugs, Linda

  2. Salvage hunters, Hmmm have to give that a try! Homade costumes are the BEST!


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