Friday, March 29, 2013

Not Quite A Yard Sale

This morning we went to the local Lion's Club Craft Sale. They were selling books for a buck each and there was a big room filled with local craftspeople. Here's what I came back with...
 I loved the cover art of the Blender Cookbook. It reminded me of my childhood. When I returned, we played the game "Guess when it was published?" My husband said late sixties or early seventies. I said 1978, and my son said the eighties. What do you think? Read on...
 This book is fairly classy and has numerous French recipes in it. I grew up in the pre-food processor days and we had a workhorse blender with a wide blade that my mother used for everything. In the early eighties (I think), the mother of my best friend Jodie got a Cuisineart, which was a new contraption for the time. 

 I've always wanted to make my own pate. Maybe this summer, I'll give it a try. 
 I bought a few other books on the way out and the gentleman from the Lion's Club who took my money told me that his wife donated the Blender Cookbook, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy. So the answer to the publishing question is - 1970!
 We ran out of store-bought apricot jam this morning, so I couldn't resist the homemade variety. 
 We bought two strudels for $12. They are really big and the seller told me that they made them throughout the night, so I think it was a fair deal. 
 This honey came from the jam people. 
 I bought my son an orange fizzing bath soap shaped like an egg. 
For a donation to the Lion's Club, a talented man made this wooden Easter egg for my son. We had fun watching it spin on the lathe. It brought back memories of Grade 7 Industrial Arts. 
Happy Easter everyone. 

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  1. Love the cookbook and all your great buys! I love to support great groups that do so much with their fund raising!
    hugs, Linda


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