Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Knives Come Out & Cabinet of Curiosities

There were numerous yard sales in my town yesterday. The weather was perfect too. Duncan and I motored around on our bikes on the prowl for thriftacular treasures.
  The only thing I found that we could use were these Wiltshire "Stay Sharp" knives. My dad gave me a single version of the large size a few years ago and we're always wishing we had more. I no longer need any sharp knives. 
Vintage apothecary bottle from The Cabinet of Curiosities - $3

 After politely scouring a few more garage sales, we stumbled upon Cabinet of Curiosities' sale. This a way cool antiques/oddities store I've been wanting to check out ever since we moved to Dundas. It was everything I wanted it to be - and more. They have everything from antique household items, to a display case full of animal skulls, wicker caskets and so much more. I felt like I was with "my people" when I met the proprietors. Amazingly enough, the man who sold me the items I'm showing here has the same name as me - Erin (yes, Irish female spelling). His teenager son is a budding archeologist/biologist who trolls the woodlands in the surrounding area for bones, bottles and antlers. 
Check out their website and blog and if you live in Southern Ontario, do make the trek if you like antiques and oddities. 

Above and below: The shoe form I purchased at Cabinet of Curiosities for $5. I think it's got a beautiful shape to it. 

Above: Kiko inspects a vintage Auto Drome race set (circa 1960s?) purchased at Cabinet of Curiosities for a lousy finsky. 

Here's a perfect song and video to go with the day.


  1. Hi Erin - thanks for the thank-you note; delightful to hear from our happy shoppers. It pleases me to know that your day was enjoyable enough to inspire a blog and makes me even happier to know that your son is happy with his retro game (from the photos it would appear he is not the only one getting some mileage out of the game). Thanks again for the shout out and hope to see you in our little shop again...until then happy hunting over the summer and may you find some others treasures that inspire you to spin another interesting tale or two.

    Cheers...the other Erin


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