Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Never Mind "You're Fired"

Hello friends.
Well, yesterday it was time to throw another log on the fire that is my life. This time it was a very big log.
Just in case I forgot what number my ticker clock had clicked over to, my niece made me this nifty birthday card. It must have taken her hours to find things in the flyers that were 40% off, just so she could collect enough numbers. What state would you compare the shape to? My U.S. geography is not stellar, but I'm thinking Arkansas.

Before I move on, here's my belated present to myself: a Kate Bush interlude.

Well, it was raining Pyrex on my birthday. Part of me thinks I'm not worthy, but the other side hears Heather Locklear's Nice and Easy commercial from back in the day. "You're worth it." At the last minute, I suggested to my sister that she find Mauzy's Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collector's Guide for me. I love the "unauthorized" part. It makes it seem kind of scandalous. Lise was able to order this from Amazon and it arrived in less than a week. More on the book below.

My folks had stashed away a bundle of Pyrex for me, along with some other nice gifts. Somehow the stash was misplaced during the hustle and bustle of Christmas. I'm happy enough to wait. I hope the Pyrex pieces materialize in the middle of the summer when I'm going through a dry Pyrex spell. What amazing kin folk I have. I like saying kin folk.
This book is a lot of fun. Even if you're not a collector of Pyrex, it's hard to flip through the pictures and not be a little charmed by the pieces. Even the most boring person who only buys new boring stuff would have to understand why people like collecting vintage Pyrex after looking at the book.
I just want all the coloured glassware. There are some pieces that I really want. Look below!
If I ever find this beauty, I'll be a happy forty-something. If I ever track it down, I'll more likely be ninety-something. Sigh.
Here's the Early American pattern that I love so much. What I would give to have a piece of Pyrex with a cat on it.
Anyway, here's what our neighbourhood looked like last Saturday morning. This is the classic Canadian weather of my childhood. Here's #1 son messing around with his shovel. Apparently Toronto's going to get walloped by more snow overnight. Torontonians are notoriously wimpy when it comes to a little snow. I can just hear my friend Barb, who hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba. "Try spending January in 'the 'Peg'."
And here's hubby and my lovely next-door-neighbour, Rosa digging out. Yes, I was still in my pjs looking out the window contemplating a nice, hot bath, subconsciously savouring the dog days of my thirties.
Chin chin!


  1. Happy Birthday to you Erin!! It's great that you have such nice family members in your life!

  2. Happy B-Day! 40 is super cool, I've been there, LOL!

    I'm glad you got the book, it's a must if you love da Pyrex like we do. ;)

  3. Happy Birthday! Just think 40 is still so young! Really it is! Enjoy my friend and hey any time you get Pyrex or books about Pyrex it is a very good Birthday!

  4. Happy, happy birthday. I've discovered that 40 isn't so bad. I'm from Arkansas - and yes that is certainly my fair state!

  5. Happy Birthday, Erin!! Forty is so young!

    That looks like an amazing book. I've had it on my Amazon.com wish list for a few months now. And I think one of the pages you photographed may have answered the question I was going to pose to the Collective, but I may ask it anyway.

    Cheers to your 40th!

  6. Happy 40th Birthday! Look in the mirror and say, "I'm 40 and I effin' ROCK!" Seriously. Just do it.

  7. happy birthday! i will be there with you in august. i am trying not to obsess about the last few months of my 30s - after all, if i haven't accomplished what i wanted to in the first 9 1/2 years of my 30s, there's probably no point in fretting over it now :)

  8. Happiest Birthday wishes to you! Glad you were able to finally get your hands on the coveted 'Collectors Guide'! Can't wait to see what your parents have for you in that misplaced stash!

  9. Laura (Thorncliffe Park)January 12, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    Happy Birthday, Erin!

    Life really does get more interesting from 40 onward and it gets much better too! I am a little ahead of you in the race and
    unfortunately life does race by. Erin, you are wise beyond your years, but you are also young at heart. The best combination! Keep on celebrating and many happy returns!

  10. Onward to another year of hunting for Pyrex and all those other treasures out there.... Sounds like your day turned out perfectly. I've had that book since Sept - I can't imagine how many times I've gone thru it!!!! I had Florences' Ovenware from the library - just ordered my own copy at a very cheap price - lots of neat pics in there too!!

  11. Happy Birthday, thats a big one! i have seen tons of pyrex patterns but never the one with the cat! I will keep looking and let you know if i find one. I'll have to scope out that pyrex guide, its one i havent seen!
    Anyway, enjoy this special year for yourself!

  12. Happy Birthday! 40 is the age when you start caring less about what others may think and more about having the courage of your convictions!


  13. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!
    (too bad it wasn't a snow day, eh?)

  14. hope you had a great birthday!

    I'm green with envy at the Pyrex book - I've been wanting that since, well, forever!
    I collect Pyrex too, and use it, so that justifies my purchases lol



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