Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowy Saturday

This snowy day in Toronto is sponsored by insanely happy pop music from eighties Scottish band Altered Images. Does it get any better?

Two moments I've been waiting for will be realized today...
I'll be taking my son tobogganing on this very old wooden toboggan that I bought at a garage sale almost three years ago. It cost $5.00. The woman who sold it to me told me about all the happy memories she had about their family piling on to this beauty. She even made the customized pillow for added comfort. I can't wait to start our own family memories. Too bad my husband's working today. We'll rope him into it another time.
Ahhh. Here's little Duncan when he was two. He's such a big boy now. Note the chocolate on his face. He'll have more fun tobogganing in the snow than on the grass in our backyard.
Here's the other thing I've been wanting to do: use Pyrex fridgies. This is one of the ones Mary Lou gave me. It's now storing apricots.


  1. Cuteness!! Love the fridgie, too! xo

  2. OH YES! The snow here in TO is just beautiful today! Hope you have fun!!

  3. oh, i hope you had fun in the snow! we did (well, *they* had the fun, i shovelled and scraped the car)...

    now, your fridgie is wonderful and makes everything look so much more appetizing. and i'm like you, i try to replace everything out of plastic and into glass. over the holidays, i bought a pint of eggnog that came in those old-fashioned milk jars. and i just couldn't recycle it. i kept it, and pour my milk in there now from the bags. i know how silly that might seem. i don't care. (for the non-canadians, you do know our milk comes in bags right? i think erin wrote about that before too :))...

    really, my point was to drop by and say happy new year! because i dont think i've done that yet. hope it's been a good one so far.

  4. Great toboggan Erin! I envy you still having a little one at home! My oldest is in university and they go "tray-boganning", which consists of borrowing trays from the residence cafeteria and going toboganning on them! Sigh!

    Love the fridgie. We store all sorts of stuff in our Pyrex

    Ana, apparently, they don't use milk bags either in Western Canada. This girl from Vancouver at my daughter's university thought it was the strangest thing first time she saw a milk bag, lol!

    Happy New Year!


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