Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nut Canister & Welsh Tea Towel

Ken was working late tonight, so I dragged Duncan down the street to the Value Village at Woodbine and Danforth. I'm happy to say that in his own 5-year-old way, Duncan's developing a thrifty eye. He was over in the toy section a few feet away from the crockery section, where I was debating whether or not to fork out over $20 for two Forest Fancies casserole dishes with lids. All of a sudden, he cried out, "Mom - where are you?" "I'm over here with the Pyrex." He came running up to me and said, "Look what I found - Playmobil!!!" Woo-hoo! Playmobil stuff is pretty expensive. We've bought him a lot of new Playmobil and this police paddy wagon fits in nicely with the rest of his sets. Cost: $1.99. By the way, the Pyrex is still there. I didn't love it enough to fork out the big biscuits.
I did find this pretty, vintage nut jar for $1.99. It has a comforting feeling about it. I'm sure if I psychoanalyzed the situation, it's probably the seventies colours of my childhood.
It was Made in Japan. Was Japan still mass manufacturing things in the seventies?

This nut canister goes really well with my seventies tin, purchased at a thrift store in Thorold before Christmas.

And now, a Royksopp interlude. I love this song and the film clip someone set the music to. I can't stop watching this. The woman is such a happy dancer.

I also bought this charming souvenir tea towel featuring whimsical images from Wales and several Welsh words. I now know that bryn means hill. Who needs a university degree in linguistics? The tea towel cost .99.

I also bought some deluxe kids books, including this Eric Carle book about clouds which I've never seen before.
It comes with chalk and a mini Eric Carle chalk eraser.
Children's books generally cost .99. I loved the pictures some enterprising child left behind for us to enjoy.
My mother is a retired teacher. She used these Mr. Mugs books when she taught Grade 1 back in the seventies. She used to bring them home for me to read. I still love the stories and illustrations.
This book was from a little later and featured non-Caucasians.
Oh no - Peanuts the cat is sticking his paws in the brownies again. Meanwhile, Mr. Mugs' fur has had the Donna Mills hair poof.
I LOVE this book. Duncan already has a copy on his bookshelf. It's a sweet book showing all the different types of houses in the world.

Duncan and I like the Swiss boy the best. Our favourite line in the book is: "I sleep in a bed with a big puffy puff. Come over some night, We have puff puffs enough." What I'd give to sleep with a puff puff.

Oh - I finally saw Crazy Heart last night. Wow, what an amazing film. Jeff Bridges totally deserved all the recognition he received this time last year. He showed a complete lack of vanity, making the character of Bad Blake so believable that I kept thinking of him all day at work, like he was a real person. I loved the music, the story - everything about it. Go rent it if you haven't seen it already.


  1. Well done young Duncan!Playmobil is always a good score and being so well built it stands up to the beating it takes at a thrift store.Don't you just feel all proud and giddy when your youngster "gets it"?!!!I love when my kids find treasures while we are out "hunting".Enjoy.

  2. I am so proud of Duncan! I think that was pretty pricey for the casseroles. Love the books as that is one of my favorite things to thrift. hugs, Linda

  3. I don't know if you know that (you probably do, being a teacher), the book "Come over to my house" is actually written by Dr. Seuss. He wrote under several aliases or 'noms de plume'.

    I like how you say you "dragged your son". I've done that so many times with mine. My youngest would voice her opinion, though: "I don't want to go in that store, it's peepee."


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