Monday, February 7, 2011

Sparkle in the Snow

This post is brought to you by life's simple pleasures: freshly laundered pillowcases, percolating coffee in the morning, the golden drips of butter on an English muffin...

Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto. I never knew that there was a solo piano version of this song until my husband and I heard it on JazzFM back in December when we were driving home one evening from Ikea. Duncan had fallen asleep in the back, so we sat in the car until the song was over.

I scooted up to Value Village after school today, forgetting that it was their Boot Scootin' 50% off sale, or whatever it was called. I didn't walk away with cowboy boots, so I'm disappointed.

Needless to say, the cupboards were bare. The household goods weren't even on sale. You Value Village people are SO CHEAP. I'm sure this sale will soon be replaced by a 10% off cracked fish bowl sale. That day is coming, mark my word.

Now that I've vented, I'll move on. My vintage radar was in overdrive. I knew I'd find something good, but I'd have to work for it this time.

I found what appeared to be a teardrop-shaped piece of pottery that looked like it had scabies. Throwing caution to the wind, I picked it up with my gloved hand and inspected the piece. I saw beauty hiding beneath the barnacles.
For $1.99 I picked it up, took it home, gave it a good soapy scrub and...
Voila! A stylish plant holder. I love the colours and shape.
It looks like something my grandmother would have had her African violets in. Oh, the nostalgia.
Here's the sweet bonus: it was handmade in Canada in 1966. I'm so happy that whomever made this saw fit to put the year on it.
Yesterday at the Value Village near my house, I bought one of those mumbo-jumbo bags of random cards. I could tell that there were a few vintage cards in it. Well, turns out that I hit the jackpot for $2.99.
There were oodles of pretty floral cards.
Quaint cards full of whimsy. I'd love to have someone send me a card like this if I were under the weather. Email just doesn't cut the mustard.

More get well soon messages showing sweet scenes.

Have you ever seen a geranium on a card?
The only pregnant person I know right now is the drama teacher at my school and she'd probably find this card hokey if I gave it to her. I would have been tickled pink. Sorry for the bad pun.
Above: more birds. Below, the most utilitarian "man card" that I've ever laid eyes on. I can imagine the designer: "We'll just put a bunch of old tools on the front of the card. No frills."
Inside, the card reads: The things that make you happiest are wished you all year! To me, this would be the male equivalent of giving a woman a washing machine for an anniversary gift. "Oh honey, you shouldn't have."
Below, cult members on vacation. Actually, I'm not sure what's going on here. It could be wiener roast quickly turning into a forest fire.
These were nifty cards. They're taco-shaped, as Duncan would say. Unfold them and you have a disc card.
Something for everyone in the family. Well, I'm getting hungry for more vintage gems. We'll see how the rest of the week pans out.


  1. Wow, that sure cleaned up nicely!

    I tried commenting the other day but I must have forgotten to type the password in. Saw a vintage Fisher Price Little People Hospital at the thrift and thought of you! It was in rough shape but the awesome hand-crank elevator still worked!

  2. Your comments are too funny! Cult members on vacation! Where do you get that stuff, LOL!

    LOVE the vintage cards. So quaint. I have a few myself and I'm trying to find a way to display them. Perhaps under glass, on a piece of furniture?

  3. What a beautiful piece of pottery, we love the teardrop shape! It will look so pretty with african violets adorning in it...We have them on our kitchen windowsill...What a great deal you got on all of those lovely cards, our favorite is the one with the cottage.

    Have a lovely week,
    Laura and Michele

  4. What great cards! I love the pottery, too -- I love to look for unusual items like that. You had some great finds...


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