Friday, February 25, 2011

Pop Goes the World

Today's post is brought to you by a perfect pop song from the eighties.

Look at all the poppy treasures.

For .49, I had to have this Made in Japan Pop mug. Duncan's going to give it to Ken for his birthday on Monday. Ahhh.

At Value Village I found this cool Andy Warhol Tomato Soup bag for $2.99. That's good pop art value for money.
It looks like it's genuine Warhol merchandise likely from the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh.

Pop is also for popcorn bowl. I've now got three of these vintage wooden snack bowls, including one from my childhood. VV charged $3.99 - my most expensive purchase.
For $1.99 I had to have this Made in Japan lemon/lime dish.
Pyrex for $1.49 at Value Village? Has the pricing dictator switched to Sanka?


  1. "Pyrex for $1.49 at Value Village? Has the pricing dictator switched to Sanka?"

    LOL, I thought it was just *my* local VVs that overpriced everything pyrex.

  2. lol @ pricing dictator. great finds. your title has this song stuck in my head now!

  3. Love the Warhol bag!! And, yes, someone must have been drinking Sanka (LOL) as I haven't seen Pyrex prices like that in...well, in a long time!!

  4. Thanks for the comments! ana, I was originally going to post the Men Without Hats video and then I realized that Safety Dance was a better song, so I settled it with Howard Jones. Eesh! The Men Without Hats singer is kinda hot though. I wonder if he can still fit into those spandex pants. LOL

  5. LOL. My fiance once found a pair of shoes at Winners for $19.99.. size 12 mens shoes. They had to have priced them wrong, a pair of DCs. Nice Pyrex. :)

    Cute cup!


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