Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FP's Crocodile Tears for Whitney

First off, I must admit that I've never been a fan of Whitney Houston. I also must admit that Fashion Police is one of my guilty pleasures. Why then have I been having conspiracy theory moments connecting FP's recent Whitney dis and the diva's sudden demise?

Alright, I'm not saying Joan Rivers killed her, but on the Feb. 10th episode the feisty and usually funny fashion police armchair critics savaged Whitney's wardrobe and I mean SAVAGED. I tried to find the clip on YouTube, but the episode is mysteriously unavailable. I have this image in my mind of Whitney blacking out in her hotel suite Friday evening. She comes to and puts E! on just when they're ripping into her outfit. She slides deeper into despair. Alright, I'm sure there's a lot more to it than this - but you've got to admit, the timing was terrible. I'm surprised nobody's talking about it.

What's worse was FP's maudlin tribute to Whitney Houston tacked onto the very end of their Grammy special yesterday. It was pretty nauseating. I guess my point is that if critics are going to prey on someone who could be on death's door, don't go delivering eulogies when they die. It's only funny until the coroner arrives.

Here's an older clip with a Whitney dis.


  1. I saw the episode and when I read that she'd passed away the next day, I said the same thing to the husband. "Betcha they're feeling pretty lame about dissing her last night" Going on and on about her 10 year old faux fur throw rug that she was wearing...


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