Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ikea Goodness and Rob Ford Rant

Here are two beautiful things I recently bought from Ikea...
A retro speckled pale pink pot cover for $2.99...
And this Swedish horse cake pan that comes with a mini cake pan. Cost: $9.99. We already went ahead and made a horse strawberry shortcake with it. I've also traced the tin onto paper so my class can write horse poems onto the shape.

On a heavier note, I just had to say that I'm depressed with living in Mayor Rob Ford's Toronto. It's not my Toronto. I was born here and I've lived here all my life. I'm a citizen, not a customer in need of service. I pay taxes, but I think of myself as a mother, wife, teacher, friend, sister and daughter - not a tax payer. I was raised to be polite and friendly to people - not giving strangers the finger or being rowdy and obnoxious at sports games - two things Ford has been caught doing. The Toronto I love values the democratic process and accepts defeat graciously: two things Ford seems to be incapable of doing. The federal government of Canada is equally shifty and big brother-like. I've started looking at property in New Zealand with a little dreamy voice that says, "Maybe one day." I'll always love Toronto, but it's not the Toronto that Ford is trying to create.

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Rob Ford

Here's a song for those ready for a new mayor.


  1. Love your Ikea pink pot! So cute. Sorry your having such a time with your Mayor. I am so sick of politics! New Zealand sounds pretty amazing!

  2. Yes come to New Zealand! Sadly we don't have yard sales and thrift stores as good as yours though and Ikea doesn't even know we are on the planet yet. Oh, we have politicians too but I guess they're everywhere? Ours are ok most of the time.

  3. Interesting stuff and I like it. A lot of thanks for sharing.


  4. I feel for you. Our Mayor in Brampton is not much better.....


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