Sunday, February 12, 2012

Harvest Gold

After all my bellyaching about the state of thrifting in Toronto, look what washed ashore at Value Village today...
Autumn Harvest - a pattern I love, but have very little of. I'm loath to reveal what I paid for it. Wait for it - $12.99! I'm a desperate woman.
Hammer time! I bought this delightfully weathered meat tenderizer for $2.99. Ken does not understand why anyone would ever buy a cut of meat that was so tough you need to pound it with a mallet. I just like the way it looks. Pickers, name your price.
Does anyone out there watch Pitchin' In? We LOVE it. I think Lynn Crawford is funny, down to earth and a brilliant chef. She's not like the snooty ones that hog all the air time on the Food Network. The idea behind the show is that she visits farms, orchards, mushroom fields, and fishing boats and learns what's involved in growing and harvesting by doing the grunt work. She always cooks an amazing feast at the end for the people. I've already made several recipes from this beautiful cookbook. Go buy it. I can't wait to dine in her restaurant one day.
Look what I noticed in the book - Pyrex being used for calamari stuffing mixture!

Here's my other recent obsession: the English band Bat For Lashes. It's dreamy, experimental synthy pop par excellence. I've got both albums on my iPod now. There's an interesting documentary on the singer Natasha Khan on YouTube. I'll include the first part. If you're interested, you should be able to keep clicking on the other parts when you get to the end.


  1. Oh Erin, 12.99! Well I am sure you will love it and get lots of use out of it. :)

  2. $12.99, oh my!

    This past week I found what I think you once described as "the elusive black snowflake" 045 for a mere $6.06, with lid!

  3. I have never understood why wheat is used to represent autumn. The wheat harvest is in June here where I live. It isn't an autumn crop for us, so the use of it on autumn things always has baffled me. However, I do like that pattern!

  4. Oh my! $12.99!!!!!!!!!! I must say - I would have been pretty tempted, It is such a nice pattern. I'm collecting it for my daughter (I might have succumbed too)

  5. I really like bat for lashes I heard them in a show and had to look them up.

  6. Nice dish! 12.99! Love the meat mallet! Seems like it would be good for some kind of craft project.


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