Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tootling Around Lake Erie

Last week we took Duncan to "A Day Out With Thomas" in St. Thomas. We decided to keep the adventure going along the shores of Lake Erie. Here are a few snaps from the road. I'll try to post some pictures of my vintage yard sale treasures later today. Cheers, Erin. 
 Duncan had just asked Sir Topham Hat how many times he's been married and his question was greeted with an icy reception. 
Skipping stones at the lake - a simple pleasure. 

The pretty lighthouse at Port Burwell. You'd think that climbing a few stairs in a lighthouse wouldn't be such a big ordeal but they were so steep. I spent the next few days with my thighs covered in Deep Heat. 
View from the top of the lighthouse. 
The dirty charm of Port Rowan's marina. 
Big Dick, a small, but well loved vessel is left up on oil drums for happy lakeside photo ops. 

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