Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Treasures From Kingsley

 A couple years ago, a wonderful man who lived across the street from us suddenly passed away. His name was Kingsley. I've written about him in previous posts, so forgive me if you've heard this before. Anyway, Kingsley was a retired psychologist/academic who was a refined gentleman and general good egg. He was clearly living a leisurely life as a retired person. When I used to work at home as a freelance writer, I used to get a chuckle when I'd see Kingsley going to his front door in his y-front underpants to pick up the morning paper. This would usually be around 10 in the morning. I just loved his "I don't feel the need to be productive" ethic. A couple of Saturdays ago, his family - who have maintained his estate - held a yard sale. Duncan and I were the first ones across. I was looking for anything old and special that would remind me of Kingsley. 
 As you'll see from the above two photos, Kingsley got into the spirit of Canada's centennial in 1967. I loved this cup and the fact that it was made in Cork, Ireland. I think it cost me .75 or some small sum. 
 Above and below are pictures of vintage tins I bought for $1.50. I loved that the two big tins were still being used for baking up until fairly recently. 

At the end of the sale, they dragged out the items that hadn't sold - including one of those contraptions that you hang upside-down in to straighten out your back - with a "free items" sign in front of them. Duncan kept crossing the street to see if he could find anything else for us, even though I'd told him we had the good stuff. He did manage to find a sixties transistor radio, which is pretty cool. 
That's all for now. More to come sooner rather than later.  


  1. Love the tins! Nice finds from a nice neighbor!

  2. The tins are great but then so is the Centennial Year cup!!


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