Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bits & Bobs

Here are a few pieces that have slipped betwixt yonder cracks. At the bottom, you'll see some of today's finds. Man, the yard sales are pretty dire in my neighbourhood this year.
Above and below, "flower fashioners." I saw this little time-stained box at Vincent de Paul's Value Shoppe a few weeks ago. I was prepared to buy whatever was in it for .25 just because the box held so much promise. I know, I'm crazy.
If you're forming a band, feel free to use any of the names mentioned on the box.
This is what a quarter bought me. The base is a little suction cup. I can actually see me using these down the road. My ham-fisted flower arranging can only improve.
At Southworks Antiques last week, I bought three cards dating from 1910. I'm so sick of seeing people texting and surfing Facebook instead of talking and looking where they're going. Bring back the pretty cards, I say!
This Easter poem enchanted me.
The lighting outside washed out the detail on the above card, but you get the idea.
I bought this puffy, stuffed nativity set at a yard sale this morning for $2.00. I already have my Mexican folk art nativity set for our home, so I may take this to school next Christmas.

The back of the backdrop had "Away in a Manger" printed on it.
A bird in the hand costs .10 in East York. I'll likely attach this to something in my class. I always have people saying, "Your classroom is so much fun to be in. How do you do it?" I guess it's down to creativity and being a thrifty-minded teacher.
We hit a yard sale thrown by a slightly gruff elderly Greek man with a cigarette hanging out his mouth - not that all Greek men are like this, but that's who he was. He turned out to be a decent guy. He sold us a ton of Hot Wheels' track pieces and threw in a truck for Duncan. I also got this vintage souvenir Centennial glass from 1967. The whole enchilada cost me $2.00. I'm hoping to head out this afternoon to do some thrifting or post-yard sale pickin'. How's your day working out?


  1. Those cards are lovely yes we need to stop some of this techie stuff and get back to basics for sure.

  2. Sweet, the flower fashioner is practical, and the box is great.

  3. Fun finds- I especially love that cool cup, but the flower fashioner is fun as well!

  4. It is always so much fun to see what you will find next.

    I made one of those nativities when our boys were little. For some reason our cat loved baby Jesus. Baby Jesus always ended up under the stove where kitty batted him, and could not get him out.

    Our set was sold at a rummage sale this year. Everything looked like new except poor baby Jesus who had been washed, and washed, and washed.


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