Friday, June 10, 2011

Kingsley's Chair

Three years ago, an elderly gentleman who lived across the street from us passed away. His name was Kingsley. He was a classy man who sat out on his porch reading the paper. I loved the way he slept in late and seemed to enjoy his little East York garden so much.
His relations are still clearing away some of Kingsley's furnishings. I garbage picked this chair the other day. I just loved the style and the colour of the seat covering. This looks sixties to me. What do you think? My husband didn't love it as much as I do, but he told me he'd help me fix it up.
There's a little bit of wear and tear. I'm wondering if I could get it professionally mended.
There's a tiny bit of wear on the wood, but this is an easy fix. I guess I'm a bit of a sentimental picker, but I had to have it.


  1. Kingsleys chair is lovely I would have grabbed it too.

  2. Great story. I'm sure Kingsley would have loved for you to have it. The fabric is beautiful.

  3. I love Kingley's chair and I think it was a wonderful pick. I love the lines of it also and the story and memories are sweet!

  4. I love this chair. i'm guessing 50's or 60's, I'm a bit envious, i wish people in my neck of the woods threw out great things like that!

  5. It's a lovely chair, and it has great lines. I definitely would have retrieved it! It needed saving!

  6. I would have nabbed that chair too. It has a Danish modern look, maybe '50s or '60s? Any marks underneath?

  7. Hope you'll post what you do with it!

  8. Wonderful, wonderful chair - lovely as it is and will be even lovelier when you've given it some TLC!

    Take Five - one of my favourite pieces of music.


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